Stuck in the Middle by Smile (2020) (Dotto)

Regular readers will know that Turin foursome Smile, are the latest act to agree to collaborate with this blogs’, Subjangle label. As such, I would ordinarily steer clear of reviewing their music, through fear of accusations of bias.
However, I am taking the plunge on this one primarily due to the fact that i) this digital release is actually released by Turin’s Dotto label (who we are also collaborating with us both on the album release, ii) it was also originally released on the seasonal charity compilation by the ridiculously on point Polaroid blog (check it out and make a donation here) and lastly due to the fact that iii) it is just so ridiculously good !!!
Initially, Smile are something of an enigma. When you get to hear their album in the earlier part of 2021, you will realise that they can do everything from introspective fluttering jangle, to balls to the wall jangle rock and still find the will to show off, by being the consummate masters of all that is jangly in between.
On this single they do muted. Perhaps not their most natural inclination, but equally ‘perhaps’ their most endearing. Taking the slight fuzz laden machinations of the very prettiest end of the Jetstream Pony back catalogue and adding the earliest of Miracle Legion jangled riffs and vocal warmth as a foundation, the track thrives on the battle between a rock edge that snaps away in the background and an interminable sense of pretty, that just about manages to subdue it. Its a glorious fight, made so by never claiming a victor.
Smile will be with you in the earnest in early 2021 with their debut full length and this single should be enough to persuade a click on every ‘follow button’ possible, to act a reminder.


Smile  –  Twitter   / Instagram  / Facebook
Dotto  –  Facebook  /  Instagram

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