Single review – The Perfect Song by Mo Troper (2020) (Tender Loving Empire Records)


Mo Troper

The Perfect Song appeals on so many levels. 
Initially, Bandcamp states that it releases on Christmas Day and although it is out now, I would like to think that as a staunch anti-Xmas song activist the release date, coupled with its complete absence of festive season references, is something of an intentional antidote to the sheer mind addling childishness of the whole Xmas song nonsense. Of course it probably has no such inference, but it’s my blog and I’m going with it because it suits my Grinch agenda !!!
Not that it is free from a pre-pubescent feel, but it is an infantile offered in the most cool of ways. Essentially Tropers’ sound is always one of playful simplicity. Blending modern day (seemingly) phone gadget production techniques to those sort of distant, 8 track sounds, that your dad used to insist upon playing in the family saloon on any road trip over one hour, this Portland based act has always been able to cajole absolute ear-worms out of nursery school power-pop and the slightest inclination towards fuzz.
It’s Belle and Sebastian doing fuzz. It’s Cub doing power-pop. Its Parker Longbough ramping up the cutesy. Its (the) perfect (not Xmas song).


Mo Troper  –  Facebook / Twitter / Instagram
Tender Loving Empire Records  – Facebook / Instagram


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