Album review – S/T by Andronoids (2020) (We Are Busy Bodies)


Despite hailing from a land that usually revels in all that is pure and crystalline about the jangle-pop sound, Sweden’s Andronoids prefer to perfectly muddy the genre’s waters, by infusing the sort of urban surf rock sound that Kansas City (and surrounds) acts like Tennis Club, Space Dingus, Eggs on Mars, Readhouse and Wilson and the Catholics have been making their own over the preceding two years.
If they were in that particular scene, Andronoids would inarguably sit aloft the above pile if judged purely upon propulsion and sheer, absolute dynamism. Tracks such as Wild, Back Again and Sometime ensure total listener engagement throughout, taking surf laden jangled riffs, adding RGV / DIIV muscles and imbuing the entire aesthetic with just the correct amount of reverb, distortion and vocal illegiblity to even appease the jangle-gaze crowd.
Of course, there will be accusations of uniformity levelled at this debut release. However, when a sound is this enthralling, it really would be a tad rude to veer from the general template and of course, there will be plenty of time to brancH out musically in subsequent releases.
It has been a long time since a debut has completely grabbed me by the boy bits like this one…play it once and I can assure you that you will have the same difficulties in putting it down !!!




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