EP Review – Public Places by Public Places (2020) (Catshelf Records / Boring Productions)

Following their inaugral release (Cinéma Lumière‘s wonderful Will You Catch Me, EP) Manila’s, Catshelf Records underline their potential as the label to watch in 2021, with this superb eponymous Public Places EP.
The best of the release is seen in 3 Lefts = 1 Right and Regret. These tracks simply detonate with melodic intent as gregarious jangled guitar riffs appear to tumble over each other in a competition to present the most perfect level of chime. It’s a sound that has the sort of incessant tempo of a Fort Not type aesthetic, which is then further augmented by the slightest sense of dreamy distance.
Free and A Love Song develop this dreamy soundscape and confidently step into the same beautifully jangly dreampop territory as their Cinéma Lumière‘ labelmates to (hopefully) typify / signify the general direction that the label will take. All floaty, jangly dream-pop, with just that little bit of extra Cocteau Twins muscularity, this sound will have multiple levels of appeal to both dream-pop and jangle-pop fans alike.
Now also available of lathe cut vinyl, courtesy of the Boring Productions label, this release is the sort that would grace any collection.




Public Places  –  Facebook / Instagram 
Catshelf Records  –  Facebook / Instagram / Twitter
Boring Productions  –  Facebook




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