EP Review – Para Siempre En Internet by Happy Cat Meows (2020) (self released)


I know exactly nothing of substance about Buenos Aries based Argentinians Happy Cappy Meows other than my mouse seems to be constantly gravitating to their Spotify page (sorry Spotify haters…it’s the mouse, honest)!
That mouse of mine can spot a good thing though. As playful as they are earworm tuneful, as twee as they are subtle fuzz, the opening two track salvo of Sunset Riders and Dormir-me take a The Yellow Melodies twee foundation and juxtapose it with the slightest strains of Euro-pop and a slight childlike allure that the best of the recent Spanish language Elefant Records digital singles have offered. Perhaps not a sound that will guarantee them automatic entry into indie-pop’s Kingdom of cool, but certainly one that you cannot help but listen to !!!
The final track, Flores, is undoubtedly the best. More muscular, more insistent and more definitely melodic that it’s predecessors, the vocals are still very twee but revel in being engulfed in both chiming jangle and inferences of the dolewave, Melbourne jangle sound.
This Happy Cat Meows release is a short 7 minute burst of the cutest of pop sunshine and the perfect pick me up for those pandemic days when a vaccine seems too far away!





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