EP Review -Unexpectedly by Megumi Acorda (2018) (Reissued by: Genjitsu Stargazing Society / Boring Productions Records)

When the world opens up again and decrees that we are now face hanky free, there are two things I want to do. The first is to paint myself purple from head to toe and run naked through vastly populated towns, shouting “look at me…no mask”.
The next, slightly more worthy aspiration, is to go gig hopping all over South East Asia, as it appears to be the region from where the acts dominating my current listening time, hail from.
Phillipines act, Megumi Acorda (once the solo project of the lady of the same name and now expanded to a five piece) are another such band and one that threatens to shatter any illusions you may have of me being the absolute oracle of anything jangle I pretend to be. For my sins I missed this when it was released in 2018 and it is only really coming to my attention now that the Genjitsu Stargazing Society and Boring Productions Records labels have given it the reissue treatment, on both cassette and vinyl respectively.
I am delighted they did. For this is an EP that shows an act at the very top of their game within two interlinked musical nuances. Initially Ghost concentrates on the more traditional, dreamy jangled beauty of a sound that resonate with inferences of Beach House and Family Volleyball, as smooth, lusicious chining riffs, cling to the atmosphere for an appreciation they should receive in abundance. Similarly I’ll Get By appeals in the same manner before gradually drifting off into more subtle fuzz-laden climes.
However, the best of the release is seen in the Unexpectedly and Aftershow as the layers of melodic riffs are stacked neatly upon each other, enabling beautiful fuzz-pop laden melodies to just about fend off the muscular advances of more traditional showgaze.
It’s a truly beautiful conflict, that is kept free from any semblance of collision by the unifying effect of Acorda‘s sweet vocals, that are suprisingly lucid compared to general gaze fodder. Imagine an uncluttered 17 Years Old and Berlin Wall with a constant finger of the dreamy button and you are just about in the right musical ballpark.
Hopefully, long after I have washed the purple paint off,  this release will still be getting all the love its deserves and ensure an iminent full length release…With follow buttons clicked, I will not be so quick to miss it this time !!!



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