Beat the Delete #0092 (weekly new music recommendations)


So, I have been back at work for a week. Feels like a year, as I return to a daily barrage of 12 or so middle-aged men, talking over each other in 12 meetings a day, jousting with their metaphorical verbal penises, which are plainly small enough for them to want to feel important in meetings.
I say ‘they’ but somehow I have become ‘important’ enough to become part of these boardroom battles…thankfully the new Zoom meeting phenomenon means I can just listen to music (like these great acts below during the meeting) whilst switching on my microphone now and then to add a gruff voiced ‘I agree’ or ‘I would have to think about that’.
Perhaps you too use music as an escape? If so, don’t forget to reward the bands that provide you with a ‘mental out’, with as much social media love / purchase of music as possible.
See ya next week…[presses mic] I Agree [/presses mic]

Occult X

Track: Just Friends From: Just Friends (single) Label: Undead Serpent Out:  Now
For those who like the dreamy/jangle-gaze of acts like Ghost Mail of earlier Wake In June, Nashville’s Occult X could well be your new favourite.



Track: It’s Always in my Pocket From: It’s Always in my Pocket (single) Label: Corporation Records Out:  Now
Chilled out, slightly melancholic, jangly lo-fi bliss, drifts through a track about how we can find the good in everything if we want to. A song for pandemic times and weirdly/brilliant hypnotic.



Track: Affection Is Nice From: Affection is Nice (single) Label: Self released Out:  Now
The sort of lo-fi jangly sound that oozes dream-pop and the sort of woozy twee-pop sensibilities that insists upon accompanying 1960’s inspired YouTube videos of a skinny, impossibly pale girl, frolicking on a beach. Beautiful melancholy summer sounds…



Track: As per Usual From: As per Usual (single) Label: Self released Out:  Now
Amazing vocal sweetness, mixed with an original juxtaposition of all that it is good about lo-fi/bedroom-pop and subtle woozy psyche. A genuinely stunning track.


The Stepmothers

Track: Perfectly Dark From: Underground Broadway (album) Label: Dirt Pit Records Out:  Now
Modern alt. jangle where Primo! style simplicity meets post-punk and the more chilling end of The Velvet Underground. One for left field jangle fans that can embrace a sense of forboding.



Track: Disappointment of the Tropics From: Underground Broadway (album) Label: We Can Do Better Than This Records Out:  Now
Woozy, dreamy, shoegaze is the best description…with perhaps a few verbs, preceding words such as beauty/stunning thrown in to describe this wonderfully ambient NYC based act.

Myles Redd

Track: News From: Abberate of the Union by Various Artists (album) Label: 2060 Records Out:  Now
Dulcet post-punk inferences, twisted around wiry, anxious jangled riffs that are perfectly swathed in subtle fuzz.
One of many great tracks from the 2060 labels compilation album, recorded by various artists during the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020. All proceeds (barring Bandcamp/Paypal fees) go to the American Civil Liberties Union.

The Fisherman and His Soul

Track: Perfect Bathrooms From: Perfect Bathrooms (single) Label: Platiruma!!! Out:  Now
Nah! man, Sebastian Voss’ other project, present a glorious blend of slight post-punk forboding, crooning sophisti-pop, intonated vocals and his trademark ever present muted jangle.

No Action

Track: Thirst of June From: Thirst of June (single) Label: Jigsaw Records Out:  Now
Tumbling somewhere equidistant between grumbling The Feelies style riffs, the Big Thief style of plaintive laconic and the whole Young Marble Giants percussive aesthetic, this Aussie based act startles with dulcet simplicity.

Scott Evil

Track: Do Not From: Just Friends (single) Label: Self released Out:  Now
I may be stretching the new a bit considering this was released in March 2020, however the this fuzz laden Cologned based five-piece, is so vibrant and original it deserves a mention.
All dreamy, reverb and noise, it is testament to the originality of this act that no immediate reference points/comparisons spring to mind.

F A R 

Track: Charlys Edge From: Charlys Edge (single) Label: Self released Out:  Now
Danish dynamism that rushes chiming riffs through the most manic of modern surf rock aesthetics. Totally enthralling from start to finish.


Sorry It’s Over

Track: Is It Cool From: Just Friends (single) Label: Self released Out:  Now
Albert Hammond Jr style vocals and indie rock insistent tempos, meets impossibly fluttering jangle that would make Sarah Records look muscular. A perfect mixture of disparation.


Rancho Relaxo

Track: To The Colour the Stars From: To The Colour the Stars (single) Label: Self released Out:  Now
Sublime mixture of Stone Roses distance and subdued World of Twist style psyche. This Norwegian act provide a neo-psych / baggy trip back to some days in the 90’s I wish I could remember !!!

Model Village

Track: Insufferable From: World of Carp (album) Label: Towed by the Ghost Out:  Album out 05.03.21
Somewhere between the sparse, jangly indie pop perfection of The Just Joans and the slightly quirky, twee-pop flirtations of Soda Fountain Rag. Throw in a subtle trace of indie folk and this Cambridge UK based act’s forthcoming World of Carp album cannot come soon enough !!!


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