The Boy Who Paints Rainbows (a colorful tribute to Television Personalities) by Various Artists (2021) (Jour De Pluie Records / Coolax)

Kid –  Dad? (with the sort of high pitched enquiring voice nearly pre-pubescent use to ask the oral sex question…)
Dad – Yes son? (consumed by that ‘shit, your mums not here! How would she answer it without mentioning pink oboe’s’, like you undoUbtedly will bluster in your flustered state’ feeling!)
Kid – What does eclectic mean?
Dad – (big phew’s…!) Don’t worry mate. It is just a word that nice bloggers use when they do not want to ‘actually’ say that something is so weird and all over the place, that it is ‘actually’ absolute shit…but you can just go the honest route if you want?
I expect that parents all over the world (amid questions of sex, penis spots/bumps, why were you wrestling mummy last night, why do you make us eat green things and why does my maths teacher have hairy ears (?)) have had to deal with such a   question…or perhaps not considering the whole scenario is ‘actually’ a total figment of my imagination.
However, this EP, a conglomeration of love for Daniel Treacey’s, Televisions Personalities, arrived at between three french labels, is one of those rare circumstances that drives a definitive wedge between the words ‘eclectic’ and ‘absolute shite’ and ultimately adheres to the real un-bastardized meaning of the word, before it was sullied by the politest of liars.
For The Boy Who Paints Rainbows is 26 TVP covers that offers regular moments of greatness, inter-dispersed with the more interesting side of left field. The best of the release is largely concentrated upon, if not completely engulfed by, two definitive musical groupings.
Initally the release does fuzz-pop and does fuzz-pop ridiculously well. It’s not the sort of fuzz that dream-pop and gaze acts have stolen over the years and made all fluffy and decadent for the ears of Cocteau Twins fans and alike.
More specifically, tracks by acts such as Marie Mathematique (Tu Deviens Ridicule), R.E. Seraphin (This Time There’s No Happy Ending), Tony Jay (A Good and Faithful and Servant) and Quad Super Six (The Prettiest Girl in The World) take quirky fuzz-pop, add even more quirk and become gloriously idependent to any real semblance of the orginal sound, apart from a shared need for left field.
Similarly, barely hidden twee machinations and/or bedroom/lo-fi pop is represented at a comparable level of brilliance towards the end of the album. Here everything moves into no tempo and pokes away at the parameters of both cutesy and jangly, whilst eventually settling upon ‘a bit obtuse’, in the sort of covers provided by Pastel De Nada (Silly Things Lovers Do), De Haan (Part Time Punks), Red Go Kart (Engine Driver’s Song) and TheCatherines ( A picture of Dorian Gray).
For those that love the brilliant TVP covers series, released over the years on The Beautiful Music label, this is a release that will augment that collection for those that prefer, occasionally prefer, or even lust after, a bit of jangled weirdness.
Unsurprisingly there a just a few of these cassettes left after there release last week, grab one here, before they are no more !



Paisley Shirt Records  –  Bandcamp /  Instagram / Facebook
Jour De Pluie Records  –  Bandcamp


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