EP Review – Frog EP by Fletcher (2021) (self released)

Fletcher, Frog EP… both band and release names in a simple, unclutterred synchronicity that only serves to accentuate the perfect sense of pristine in this acts attention to melody.
For essentially this Gardiner, Maine, foursome don’t bother so much with any gregarious rock production extravangance and as such every note of every jangled melody thrives and stays around for just that precious semi-second beyond their nature lifespans, to ensure beautiful melodic resonance.
This sense of augmented melody is best seen in 2005 VW Passat and Gone which originate in the Tame Impala / Jack Johnson bodywash of the short respective introductions, before quickly rushing headlong into glorious jangled melodies, that hint at surf-pop climes, but are ultimately just that little bit too The Cry ‘chiming’ to really catch that particular wave. They are tracks you just cannot stop listening too and would frequent the multi-playlists of the young Spotifyers in the musical world still had any semblance of justice.
The remainder of the EP sees the surf hints, form into a more dominant aesthetic. However, when surf-pop is done well, with just the right ratio of a 60’s love in, to slacker/psyche pop modernity, the sound can be wonderful. Fletcher find the most astute balance in Big Wave and Hannah’s Ford.
Fletcher were busy over the pandemic months, releasing the Vandemic EP and Toad EP and whilst this is certainly their best release in terms of sheer consistency, their back catalogue is certainly one that rewards exploration.




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