EP Review – Brisbane Radio by Stephen’s Shore (2021) (Meritorio Records)


Stockholm five-piece, Stephen’s Shore, released their first EP (Ocean Blue) in 2016 via a Cloudberry Records label that are perfectly selective about what they offer the world. In the proceeding 4+ years, there has been just one release in the wonderful September Love album, that the jangle-meisters extraordinaire of Meritorio Records released in May 2018.
Despite the conciseness of their back catalogue so far, the three singles already released from this EP, have been widely touted by both the micro-blogs that matter and the bigger .coms, as something special. Such is the universal allure of this sound.
Upon repeated listens such universiality is not surprising. Brisbane Radio sees a reduction of the subtle fuzz and less than subtle resonating psyche of the September Love sound and a returned to the more lucid, illuminating jangle of the debut EP.
As such, this EP, despite it’s four track brevity, provides a bit more for the traditionalists to admire, with west coast-pop and the fresher, more innocent side of mid 80’s, American college rock, all being immersed in a production clarity that seems to engulf the jangle-pop sound of so many scandinavian acts.
Whatever subtle shift in aesthetic this band move towards, it is always swathed in both an obviously accomplished musicianship and a sense of truly beautiful and this EP just confirms the (potential) fact that they are most probably just a couple of albums away from being hailed as one of the genre’s modern greats.
It’s out today (22.01.21) . Grab one before it’s too late on 7″ vinyl, here !!!



Stephen’s Shore  –  Facebook / Instagram 
Meritorio Records  –  Facebook / Instagram / Twitter


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