EP Review – Sullen Eyes by Sullen Eyes (2021) (Self released)


You can disagree if you want. However, you would be wrong and I would be right (it is mt blog after all) but that whole, fragile, jangly anglophile, indie-pop sound of the late 80’s early 90’s, has always represented something special in jangle-pop circles.
I know nothing of the background of this act other than 1) they hail from Bangor, Maine, which in itself is a place new to me, 2) they have no social media presence that I can find, despite being blessed with super human Google powers and 3) they do the jangly, anglophile indie-pop thing as well as any I have heard over in the last few years.
Eseentially, they feel very much like AN American version of their UK indie-pop counterparts The Hannah Barberas. All bouncy, uptempo, jangly sweetness, imbued by vocals that you imagine being sung by a lovely lady, in a twee floral dress, with cool quirks dripping from every available pore.
Possibly the obvious ‘American-ism’ to this sound is the liberal sprinkling of twanging riffs that nip away at the pretty on each track. It is a sound akin to the Apple Orchard end of the Ryan Marquez spectrum and one that just gives the aesthetic that added indie credence.
I am hoping we get to find out so much more about this act as such a sound deserves to be subject to multiple releases. However, even if we here of them no more, this glorious EP will mean they are no forgotten by anyone who has heard it.






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