EP Review – Minor Victory by Bitter Defeat (2021) (Gravel Streak Records)


Myself and a few cyber-friends started a record label a couple of years ago. After a suggestion by yet another friend (I am so popular!), we decided to call it Subjangle. It’s a bit fluffy, but then so is the pretty, melodic, jangly music we prefer.
Bitter Defeat are on the roster of the vexingly named Gravel Streak Records. Never has a label name been more apt than in the case of this act/release. For in tracks such as Light That Shines, Better and All These Things, these Hamilton based Kiwi’s have an aesthetic that succeeds in ‘nearly’ concealing searing melodies.
It’s the ‘nearly’ that is the totally captivating and operative word, as grumbling, sniping fuzz rock, engulfs jangled riffs that, despite the mayhem, are omnipotent throughout. This is the sound of Tough Age finding the layered, melodic fuzz button and just adding it to their usual grumble, rather than even considering replacing it.
In Long Lash and Street Light a sense of manic desperation is added. These touch upon the excesses of Extra Arms style mania. However, even in the absolute depths of such adrenaline, somehow little guitar lines beg to be heard with just enough vehemency to make them the most relevant sound of the tracks.
Definitely a sound for those who prefer their jangle served with a hot sauce that stifles breath through the sheer intensity of both heat and taste !!!



Bitter Defeat  –  Facebook / Instagram / Twitter
Gravel Streak Records  –  Facebook / Instagram 





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