Beat The Delete #0096 (weekly new music recommendations)


So I was cyber-chatting with someone who is regular reader of Beat The Delete. He states that he never reads this little preamble, or the little bit I write about each act and that he just prefers to click the song links. He claims that is how people read blogs…
As such let me take this opportunity to suggest, safe in the knowledge it will not diminish our readership, that you all highly likely to smell like the rancid, putrid slime that forms upon a dead elk carcass, just before the earth absorbs it to fill beelezebub bowels.
Click away folks.


Track: Tobacco U.N.  From: The Weather Has Landed (EP) Label: Self released  Out: Now
Lonely the Seabird and The Heedonists man, Chris Wales, provides the most subtle of subdued, isolated riffs, for all those that can imagine Dunedin being given a perfect lo-fi under-production.

Tom Hummer

Track: Times Wasting  From: Times Wasting (single) Label: Self released  Out: Now
With that 70’s pop rock meets jangly indie-pop mix that frequents the Peter, Bjorn and John sound, Iowa’s Tom Hummer does lo-fi, laconic sweetness, with the best of them.


Track: Birds of Passage From: Dream of Better Days (EP) Label: Tambourhinocerous  Out: Now
Imagine U2 when Bono’s voice was still all emotional and quivering, add the slightest and coolest of pitchy desperation and wrap it all around that point in the late 80’s where post-punk turned to jangle.
You have ventured upon the glorious musical ball park frequented by Copenhagen’s finest.


Track: Let’s Watch TV From: Dream of Better Days (EP) Label: Melt Records  Out: Now
Beautiful, Phillipines dream-pop, laced with the most sumptuous of jangled riffs that are so typical, special and essential about the South East Asian scene. It’s all Cinema Lumiere with augmented sweetness.

Phantom Handshakes

Track: No Better Plan From: No Better Plan (single) Label: ZTapes  Out:  Album out 30.04.21
This Brooklyn based duo of Matt Sklar (Exiles) and Federica Tassano (SoonerMônetre) bounce almost asiatic, indie-pop vocal sweetness, off the perfect gaze laden dream-pop that the ZTapes label has always been the champion of.

Dreams on Tape

Track: Tonight From: Nostalgia (EP) Label: Self released  Out:  EP To be announced
This solo project of Tampa’s Jake Benfant, slides a slight surf rock climate through an equally muted dream-pop vibe to create subtle, under-stated beauty.

Mirror Trash

Track: Naisu From: Neontrasha (EP) Label: Esdeath Recordings  Out:  Now
Fad Gadget style post-punk isolation meets Motorama’s riff laden jangled / industrial energy. A totally enthralling sound from this Carlisle, UK, based foursome.

Departure Lounge

Track: Tonight From: When You Left The Room (EP) Label: Self released  Out:  EP To be announced
Oozing pedigree in the form of a contribution by Peter Buck (R.E.M) and their signature to Micheal Head‘s Violette Records label, Tim Keegan et al are back recording again after a near 20 year hiatus.
Imagine the juxtaposition of the Lloyd Cole croon to the denser machinations of where John McCabe takes the R.E.M sound and you are just about in the correct, jangle-laden, ballpark.

Sara Wolff

Track: Tonight From: When You Left The Room (EP) Label: Self released  Out:  EP To be announced
Norway’s very own Soccer Mommy now resides in Liverpool, which is undoubtedly the natural/spiritual home, for such melodic beauty.

La Loye

Track: I Only Hear You In My Song  From: I Only Hear You In My Song (EP) Label: Self released  Out: Now
Lo-fi, jangly, indie-folk sparsity, full of impassioned emotionality. A truly stunning ambience from the solo project of the Netherland’s, Lieke Heusinkveld.


Track: In Reverse From: In Reverse (single) Label: We Can Do Better Than This Records  Out:  Now
Dreamy gaze inflections that sidle in and around tight, threadbare riffs,  providing total aural dazzle. This Connecticut based duo just get better with every track released.

Adult Books

Track: Florence From: Grecian Urn (album) Label: Taxi Gauche Records  Out:  Now
Jangly post-punk infused with the slightest of slacker-pop ambience. It’s the prettiest, of the darker side of contemporary pop.

Dark Hedges

Track: Humming Tree From: Ageless in the Aeons (album) Label: Self released  Out:  Now
With the slightly rounded, theatrical vocal intonations of Ian McCulloch, the slightest of Colorama style fuzz and and the omnipotence of chiming, jangled guitar work, this Gainsville, Florida, based act tick so many jangly alt.rock / post-punk boxes.

The Pierce Kingans

Track: Seat At My Table From: At Pierce With Yourself (EP) Label: Boat Dreams From The Hill  Out:  Now
This bunch of Canadians are regular to Beat The Delete pages, with a jangly lo-fi vibe that always stays just the right side of obtuse, via the sheer strength of their ‘everything ear-worm’ melodies.


Track: How Can I From: How Can I (single) Label: Atlas Artists  Out:  Now
The smoothest of jangly lo-fi, mixed with an energy that burns lucid with laconic. This is a woozy slacker-pop / indie folk mix, that imbues a warmth like an old friend confiding in you.


Track: The Ease  From: The Ease (single) Label: Self released  Out: Now
T.G.Shand stands very comfortably at the shoulders of greats such as Poppongene and Hatchie, juxtaposing dream-pop and jangle, whilst nibbling through the parameters of commercial pop.

The Late Arthur

Track: Perfect Wave  From: Perfect Wave (single) Label: Self released  Out: Now
Fuzzy power-pop strains with just that hint of perfect Common on Feel The Lemonheads era The Lemonheads commerciality about it. A sound to brighten up any summers day, all the way from Sweden! 


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