EP Review – Untitled by Elektrogrill (2021) (self released)


Elektrogrill are Michael Goering – vocals, guitar / Christian Spieker – guitar, keys, vocals / Götz Grommek – bass / Eva Windhausen on drums. They hail from Munster (Germany), which I know little about other than Sebastian Voss of jangly twee-pop legends Nah, comes there from.
Recorded in 2015, the band appear to have presumed ‘why not’ and finally given the world this set of previously unreleased tracks, that are so much more accomplished than the ‘untitled’ moniker suggests.
In my mind I am going to imagine one of the band members just stumbling accross them in a dusty laptop folder, liking them and polishing them up with oodles of love and attention, whilst wondering just why they were not ‘so liked’ initially. The songs are certainly pretty enough to deserve my romantic piffle.
Initially all manner of accomplished indie-pop. Tracks such as Unusually Clear Day and Beautiful Things offer rounded the vocal intonations and precision jangle that insist upon reference points such as The Shop Window and Lost Ships, whilst always having one eye on the perfect production and flourishes of sophisti-pop.
Eventually the barely tethered sophist-pop bursts out with Cold Day and Down The Stairs tendering the musical reference points of Peter Hall with the crooning, comfortability of the Candy Opera aesthetic.
It would appear this band are no more, however, as a belated parting gift, this is most certainly a superb goodbye.



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