EP Review – Caution by Caution (2021) (Born Yesterday Records)


My growing collection of ‘first wave pandemic music’, keeps revealing new champions. The latest is this project by ex-Saturday Night members, Cash ML and Nora Button.
The aesthetic has a fuzz core, that stops beautifully close to shoegaze boundaries by virtue of the fact that the entire release has the propensity to visit the various faux melodic outposts, that are typical of the Psychocandy foundation sound.
As such the release revels in the juxtaposition of The Jesus and Mary Chain sound with The Durruti Column / Felt jangled precision and subtle psyche inflections of Love’s a High Bow and Swallow.
Similarly the fuzz is melted into a twanging early 90’s Sarah Records aesthetic in Supplemental Supplement and the modern day, mid-fi jangled mutationsand slight mania of Pool Holograph / Uranium Club in Act Rich and Buy My Life.
The eclectism of the EP will bother the sorts who crave a constancy of sound with an act / release. However, for those who have not quite reached the depths of a very favourite mug, special chair or an absolute unshakeable Tuesday night routine, it is exactly this propensity towards originality, that truly appeals.


Caution  –  Instagram 
Born Yesterday Records  –  Instagram Facebook Twitter

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