Beat The Delete #0098 (weekly new music recommendations)


Hello all…thanks to everyone for clocking in for another Beat The Delete. Also special thanks to the acts below, who have resisted the urge to wait another week to release a 1923 demo they found at the back of their computers for ‘Free Bandcamp Day’ and provide us with lovely shiny new music instead.
If you like ’em, please back ’em and indeed the music indistry in general, with whatever means are at your diposal fiscally or with social media love. A little help can go along way in thse awful times for music.

April Events

Track: I Know From: One Day In (EP) Label: Self released  Out:  Now
Remember Ride at their very earliest and most jangly, add an extra jangle quotient and a nibble at psyche and you are just about in the right musical ballpark of ex-Oranger and The High Water Marks man, Jim Lindsay.

Holiday Ghosts

Track: Mr.Herandi From: North Street Air (album) Label: FatCat Records  Out:  Album out 21.05.21
Falmouth, UK, based act who twist Violent Femmes faux melodies around the laconic laziness of a The Goon Sax type sound. It’s slacker-pop made cooler than the genre ever previously bothered with!


Track: Anybody Help Me  From: Pansy (album) Label: Earth Libraries Out:  Album out 02.04.21
This Vivian MvCall project has that Beat Happening feel to it. Sparse, slight jangled riffs, that rumble amid an slight fuzz presence. Every follow butron I can find has been firmly pressed in order to get hold of the eponymous album that is out in early April 2021.

Farewell Horizontal

Track: Doesnt Matter No One Cares From: An Argument with an Idiot (album) Label: self released Out:  Now
Insistent tempos and melodies, mixing Aussie dolewave with the best of Parker Longbough style fuzz. Another off the conveyor belt of brilliant Melbourne based jangle acts.

If By Whiskey

Track: Amorous You From: Amorous You  (EP) Label: self released Out:  Now
Neutral Milk Hotel‘s whirr, mixed with The Decemberists faux folk and vocals and all held together with Guided By Voices fuzzed up jangle. This Aaron Overton is pretty much the exact recipe for the perfect indie-mix?

The Purcells

Track: Back in the Yard From: Landscape Listens (EP) Label: self released  Out:  Now
Chicago based threesome that somehow manage to course subtle jangle through  The Meat Puppets‘ Americana. Blue collar jangle at it’s very best.


Track: Green Beanie From: Green Beanie (single) Label: self released  Out:  Now
A testament to what can be achieved from within a bedroom with simple, Dayglow style melodies and Peach Pit pop sensibilities. One listen and this instantly becomes incredibly ‘moreish’.

Ryan Jantz

Track: Jimmy From: Guest Book (EP) Label: self released  Out:  Now
Fuzz laden layered riffs that find just the perfect ratio between buzzsaw and nearly  concealed melodies. Perfect getting ready to go out music, for when we are allowed again!

Local Safari

Track: Millennial Crush From: Millenial Crush (single) Label: self released  Out:  Now
Gold Coast Aussies threading mesmerizing jangled, indie rock melodies through the laid back laconic of the current Aussie dolewave scene. 


Track: In Reverse From: In Reverse (single) Label: VÅRØ Records Out:  Now
Gothenburg foursome, that rumble insistent, isolated jangled riffs, around a mid-fi aesthetic, that thrives on the frontman’s perfectly imperfect vocals. 

Tide Rider

Track: Golden Eyes From: Golden Eyes (single) Label: self released Out:  Now
Young Scum / Fletcher style jangled lucidity, mixed with the slightly subdued melancolia of acts like Swiss Portrait / Community Swimming Pool. This solo project of DeBoe Truss never fails to deliver beauty.

Stray Fossa

Track: Orange Days From: With You Forever (album) Label: self released Out:  Now
Washed out, laconic dream-pop, with slacker-pop sensibilities that simply ooze sunshine. Truly amazing music emanates from the bedrooms of this Charlottesville trio.

Diego Mora

Track: On My Mind From: On My Mind (single) Label: self released Out:  Now
This 18 year old Mexican imbues Young Marble Giants sparsity upon the sort of left field, indie-pop jangle that resides so perfectly on the Paisley Shirt Records roster. The coolest of jangly weird.

Lou Demontis

Track: If I Lose You Win From: Over The Bridge (EP) Label: self released Out:  Now
The best imaginable guitar-pop / pop rock mixture imaginable, augmented by a vocal delivery that resonates a definitive Orbison beauty and emotionality. There appears to have been a subtle change of approach from this French artist, which is massively compelling.

Melt Citizen

Track: Femme Fatale From: Femme Fatale (single) Label: self released Out:  Now
El Paso’s, Mike Peregrino, washes hazy slacker pop, through Mo Troper style melodies. The coolest accompaniment to a summers day you are likely to find at present! 

The Mañanas

Track: Lucia From: Cheers (EP) Label: Soundbreaker Records Out:  Now
Ecuadors finest, mixing 60s jangle-pop riffs and harmonies to a surf rock so lazy that it is simply impossible not to relax to it. 



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