Single Review – Hard to Say & With My Baby by The Pre-Amps (2021) (Self released)


I am silly with my irritations. Middle-aged power-poppers annoy solely because their guitarmanship tends to be so accomplished, that it makes newer acts sound overtly left field comparison. Similarly people who do not like such ‘quirky’ are regularly dismissed as those struggling to comprehend a musical life after 1967 or The Byrds. Silly and unreasoned, that’s pretty much me.
Considering the above, Newcastle’s The Pre-amps should really place boil my urine. Initially, when not punching horses (British football joke) these Geordies, dare to be, so incredibly accomplished and deserving of the lucid jangled melodies that their guitars gift the world, without even being ‘proper’ enough to middle-aged. It’s a glorious The Roves type insolence that we should ll revel in.
You can really help yourself anyway. As by the time the stunning mid track riff (approx 1.35) of Hard To Say tumbles beyond a whole host of similar beauty, the act have already supposed that Byrds-esque riffs do not have to be the sole domain of the 50 something, Paisley Shirts brigade ! As a middle-aged man myself, I might consider it all a tad rude, if of course, I ever find the time to finally stop playing it.
B-side, With My Baby, treads off The Byrds beaten track and moves solidly towards the prettier parts of harmonic 60s pop. Imagine The Beach Boys being populated by the slight folk/psyche inflections of The Lovin Spoonful and you will will have found another 60s sound that this band are so obviously excellent exponents of.
With British Invasion and Mod already abundant in previous releases and jangle/harmonic-pop now fully tapped into, this band are quite possiblethe finest modern day proponents of the brilliant 60s.


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