Single Review – Hideaway by Verandan (2021) (Cloudberry Records)


Whilst the world moves steadily towards the ‘click it singles’ of the Spotify generation , a few labels such Cloudberry Records, still prefer to reject such modernity and provide regular slices of 7″ vinyl.
The fact that the label may not be as prolific as some of the labels taking a similar stance, indicates suggest a selection policy of quality over quantity, as recent releases by Daylower, Den Baron and The BV’s testifies.
Verandan is the latest project of ex Cats On Fire man, Ville Hopponen and certainly ensures the label retains their trademark ‘quality edge’. Swathed in a less than subtle sense of smooth, both tracks of the single, offer the sort of vocals that were so effortlessly sophisticated in 80’s new wave acts such as ABC and Heaven 17.
These are layered onto jangly guitar-pop textures that ensure that the sophisti-pop climate and garish new wave confidence are mixed with a subtle, dulcet nuances that shift the overall aesthetic towards the mid 80’s, indie-pop cool, of acts like The Lotus Eaters or The Associates.
It may be another 6 months before Cloudberry release again, but when they always seem to find jangly pop-nuggets such as this, they are always worth the wait.
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