Beat The Delete #0099 (weekly new music recommendations)


Hello all and thank for joining us once again, for BTD #0099. There are some some absolute janglers on here this week, as we try to give give you the ultimate aural pleasure.
Remember whilst the world waits for their jabs, musicians are still without gig revenue. So any fiscal/ social media support will help keep them around until we can go and watch them again and buy a flimsy wash once and run T-shirt, for some crazy extortionate price! 



Track: Gråa dagar From: Gråa dagar (single) Label: VÅRØ Records  Out:  Now
Yet another glorious Swedish dream-pop band, mixing Holy Now sweetness with Hater style floating, dream-pop. 

Model Village

Track: Oslo From: World of Carp (album) Label: Kingfisher Bluez Records  Out:  Album out 05.03.21
Late 80’s style, gloriously jangly indie-pop, in the style of the best of The Hannah Barberas. I’m itching to get hold of the full album on Friday! 

Vacation Forever

Track: Pop Up In My Head From: Real Life Sux (album) Label: Kravenworks  Out:  Album release date TBA
Dreamy indie-pop sound, that takes the isolation of The Reds, Pinks and Purples aesthetic and dares to augment perfection with even more jangled riffs. This solo project of Zacharias Zachrisson and the forthcoming album, could be my earliest ‘find’ of 2021 !!!

Tamar Berk

Track: Socrates & Me From: The Restless Dreams Of Youth (album) Label: Self released  Out:  Now
Among wonderful company, this track is possibly the jangliest, on a modern day power-pop classic of an album. Released 26.02.21, this album is a must for jangle/power-pop/indie-pop fans alike.

Friends Don’t Die

Track: Backwards From: Backwards (single) Label: Stunt Double Records  Out:  Now
Beach House dreamy vibe, energized with chunker riffs and dynamic tempos. A new Los Angeles based act, simply heaving with jangly potential.


Track: The World Fades Away From: The World Fades Away (single) Label: Self released  Out:  Now
Welcome return after over 4+ years for the Portland based fuzzy dream-pop due of Maggie Morris & Stephen Leisy. This track is the prettiest of fuzz imaginable.

The Blue Herons

Track: Endless Rain From: Endless Rain (single) Label: Self released  Out:  Now
The promo tag line used with this submission is far more evocative than I could ever write, so forgive my plagiarism:
“Endless Rain is a pandemic-inspired melancholy jangle pop song that sounds as if it could be a missing Smiths’ track sung by Kirsty MacColl

Letting Up Despite Great Faults

Track: I Hear You Drowning But I’m Tied From: Movement (album) Label: Self released  Out:  Now
From the 15th anniversary remastered, re-issue of the quite brilliant Movement album. Featherlite, melancholic guitar-pop, evoking Grandaddy at his very prettiest.

Aeroplane Mode

Track: In a State From: In A State (single) Label: Self released  Out:  Now
Melbourne based four piece who provide that little bit of an extra, jangly rock edge, to a beautiful dream-pop core.

Oh Fosho

Track: Tonight From: Tonight (single) Label: Self released  Out:  Now
Californian duo infusing ramshackle Dude York style jangle rock with shoegaze inflections. It should not really work…but does so brilliantly! 

Community Swimming Pool

Track: You From: You (single) Label: Z Tapes  Out:  Now
The third brilliant single from this Glasgow based, dream-pop act, signals the distinct possibility that the forthcoming album out of ZTapes (details to be announced) could be one of the sounds of 2021 !

Orchard Mantis

Track: Light Beyond From: Far From This World (album) Label: Z Tapes Out:  Now
If the Z Tapes label are the finest purveyors of jangly, melancholic, dream-pop around at present, then Orchard Mantis surely has to be their flagship act.


Track: Traballa From: Traballa (single) Label: Self released Out:  Now
Italian twee-pop, with the sweet jangly sound of a Happy Cat Meows type aesthetic. The sort of jangly buoyancy that will cheer you up, even when life fights against that feeling to the fullest.

Captain Rico & The Ghost Band

Track: Epic Wave From: The Forgotten Memory of the Beaches (album) Label: Spider Music  Out:  Now
This brilliant album / track is not exactly new (released in April 2020). However, it is new to me. I love it and so will anyone else with a penchant for early 60s surf rock in the Dick Dale style.

Siren Satellite

Track: Convertible Cars (I’ve Got The Map) From: The Soundrive (EP) Label: Self released  Out:  Now
90’s alt rock muscularity, with the more subtle end of grunge and jangled riffs immersed in the sound. Superb, laconic jangle rock from this San Diego based foursome.

Phantom Wave

Track: Billows From: Billows (single) Label: Self released  Out:  Now
Trippy dream-pop, infused with the jangliest of psychedelia. This sound deserves as many colours as possible arousing your conscious.

Leopold Medley

Track: I’m Just Sittin’ Here Smokin’ Weed From: I’m Just Sittin’ Here Smokin’ Weed (single) Label: Self released  Out:  Now
Imagine Adam Green ramping up the slacker-pop and sparsity even further and then adding the most gorgeous, folky melodies possible and you are just about in the right ballpark of this Brooklyn based artist.

The Burkharts

Track: To Be Your Lover From: Who Are The Burkharts (EP) Label: Admirable Traits Records  Out:  Now
Ok I am a sucker for 60’s surf rock. This time we move further along the decade and see the genre infused with glorious The Beach Boys melodies. This is a sound that will never die with such fine exponents like these arounf around.

Ring Snuten

Track: The Pool Of My Life From: Mitt livs biljard (single) Label: Self released  Out:  Now
A jangly, lo-fi sound, that thrives upon the best of Daniel Johnston / TV Personalities obtuse.  This is a track that my mouse just keeps gravitating too !!! 

TV Saints

Track: Easy From: Easy (single) Label: Self released  Out:  Now
Grumbling, fuzzy, rock that almost begrudgingly gives up it’s jangled riffs. Those that prefer their jangle with an unbridled sense of raw with love this Nashville based act.




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