Album Review – Leave The Day Behind by Drive!Sucker (self released) (2021)


You may imagine all of us at JPH towers, lolling about all day with our Ringo and Paul haircuts, listening to The Byrds on loop as we stroke the old vinyl of unknown janglers from the late 80’s. Of course you would be very right. Except, it is a lesser known fact that we also obsessed about post-punk…although that is another blog for another time.
Anyway Connecticut’s Drive!Sucker are completely new to me. They are also superb exponents of both of the above genres that have given me so much aural pleasure.
The post punk angle of the album thrives on energy and darkness, like all the best of the genre should. Tracks such as Car Song and Swim evoke aural inferences of the Art of Noise, with the all the pregnant pauses and glitches replaced with industrial foreboding, fuzz and grumble. Its 80’s ‘dank’ at its best, from a time before the genre morphed into jangle-pop.
They do the other side of the ‘morph superbly, as well. Held You and Sweetness lie equi-distant between the ‘proper Dunedin sound’ of the isolated crisp jangled riffs of The Clean and the subdued dulcet of The Bats, whilst simultaneously being immersed with the sweet melodies of a The Rainyard type sound.
Other janglier tracks like Take Me When Leave and Slow Nelsh have the whirring, slightly psyche, fuzz laden sound, of a Seeking Madras type aesthetic, that slides towards melancholic but never takes the plunge into despair. Such tracks feel like the link between the two genres, without ever revealing any obvious intent to be so.
I know exactly very little about this act. Hopefully this superb debut will change such a trend for many others.




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