Album Review – World of Carp by Model Village (2021) (Towed by the Ghost / Kingfisher Bluez Records)


The album profile on Bandcamp suggest that this is folk-pop. It is not. It is far too good to simply be dismissed as such !!! For a start I cannot imagine a man with a unkempt beard, wearing 70s clothes and drinking real ale (for the non-brits among you, this is basically warm beer with maggots in) ever really appreciating this?
More specifically, this album is swathed in two ridiculously cool types of all things jangly. Tracks such as Insufferable and the superlative stand out, Oslo, are a genuinely jangly, late 80s/90s indie-pop aesthetic, indicative of the sound that bands such as The Catenary Wires and The Hannah Barberas have gifted the world.
All pop-culture references and accessibility to the life’s minutiae, wrapped in gregarious ear-worm melodies, such music has always been a celebration of how simplicity  has the potential to be the most ‘indie’ of ‘indie chic’.
The other dominant aesthetic juxtaposes the jangle with a subdued sophisti-pop production. Here Otters, Popular Band and Find It Out add the slightest of groove inflections, that thrive upon the slight croon, deliberation and uncluttered sweetness provided Lily Somerville’s, made for indie, vocal delivery.
You perhaps should not want to dance to indie-pop, if you really want to be afforded entry to the ‘Indie Kingdom of Cool’, but these tracks make you wish such an e-mail had gone straight to your spam folder.
Amid stiff competition, this is undoubtedly the best of Model Village so far.


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