Beat The Delete #0100 (weekly new music recommendations)


As my wallet, pokes itself in the eye and goes to running to mummy in tears, at the merest suggestion of philanthropy, all at JanglePopHub towers (i.e. me) are unanimous that no prize/giveaway will be offered to celebrating the 100th Beat The Delete.
We would however, really love to offer our grateful thanks (for that is free) to all those that follow this weekly blog of new music recommendations. It is by far the most visited thing we do and we are glad a surprising high number of you check it out.
We will do a ‘Best of the first 100 Beat The Delete’s’ in due course…because that is free as well.

MK Blank

Track: She Smells Like The Rain From: Tickets, Numbers, Faces (album) Label: Self released Out:  Now
With that unique Mo Troper style, mid-fi, faux fuzz aesthetic, that effortlessly makes power-pop the coolest ‘modern’ sound around!

Phantom Handshakes

Track: Cricket Songs From: No More Summer Songs (album) Label: Z Tapes Out:  Album 30.04.21
2nd gloriously dreamy, gloriously jangly, from this New York based duo, off their forthcoming album that is out at the end of April 2021. Could be the absolute find of the year !!!

Sand Duney

Track: Shadowy Outside From: The Julia Loop (single) Label: Self released  Out:  Now
Residing somewhere between Palehound jangly lo-fi and Snail Mail introspective, this solo project of multi-instrumentalist Portlander, J.Jones, oozes indie-chic originality.

Alley Cat House

Track: 1975 From: 1975 (single) Label: Self released  Out:  Now
The sort of ambient sound that almost incidentally allows the jangle to filter through. Think Amon Düül with the pretty button constantly pressed.

OK Cool

Track: Five Finger Exploding Heart Technique From: Five Finger Exploding Heart Technique (single) Label: Take A Hike Records  Out:  Now
The perfect juxtaposition of the Harlem / Phoenix indie-electro sound and the jangle rock of the Beeef aesthetic. Energy personified.

Tiger Beach

Track: Distance From: Distance (single) Label: Self released  Out:  Now
Lo-fi rock coursed with the slightest of hazy psyche inflections and subdued jangled riffs. Another in a stream of recent superb singles released by this Raleigh, N.Carolina, based act.

Todd Briefly

Track: The Extensive Waterways Of The United Kingdom From: Demos (EP) Label: Just Step Sideways  Out:  EP out 20.03.21
Baxter Dury semi-spoken word coolness mixed with a driven, garage rock sensibility. It’s a The Cool Greenhouse energy with an extra element of jangled riffs allowed to simper through the rock dynamism.

Grease Weasel

Track: Am I Allowed To Be Sad? From: Demos (EP) Label: Self released  Out:  Now
The jangliest, lo-fi guide, to the absolute hilarity of maudlin self indulgence you will ever find. This Brooklyn based act has a wonderfully laconic way with his always prevalent sense of sardonic.

Grids & Dots

Track: City Skies From: City Skies (single) Label: Scenic Drive Records  Out:  Now
Dream-pop + jangle-pop + psych = the gorgeous melodic pop of this Sydney based trio. After (now) four glorious singles in the last year, the forthcoming EP is eagerly awaited.

Book Buddies

Track: Neon From: Neon (single) Label: Self released  Out:  Now
With the driven intensity of The Beths jangle rock sound and a Hatchie / Snail Mail laconic vocal sweetness, this Canadian four piece have the potential to add so much to the current burgeoning jangle-rock scene.


Track: Social Chameleon From: Random Acts of Total Control (EP) Label: Howlin Banana Records  Out:  EP Out on 16 April 2021
Howlin Banana are one of the most consistent labels around in terms of unearthing left field jangle. Unschooling are the latest arrival to their roster and will satiate the desires of all those who enjoy the post-punk end of the jangle spectrum.

Nathaniel Paul

Track: Guns or Crosses From: Guns or Crosses (single) Label: Both Records LLC  Out:  Now
The Bergamot man’s solo project provides gorgeous, melodic pop rock simplicity, that drags you into it’s confidence like an old friend. The fourth single from his eagerly awaited debut, that will be out at the end of March 2021.


Track: Somewhere New From: Somewhere New (single) Label: Rama Lama Records  Out:  Now
Psych-pop inferences, augmented with jangle that flourishes within sophisticated production. Melby certainly add engaging originality to the generally crystalline Swedish jangle scene.

Nate Wey

Track: Dark Fountain From: Lost Realties (album) Label: Self released  Out:  14 May 2021
Spacious The Verve britpop sound, with early James jangly guitar pop coursing through a Galaxie 500 gaze core. A genuine sense of epic to this sound.

Colin Miller

Track: Cut The Field From: Hook (EP) Label: Oof Records  Out:  19 March 2021
Fuzzy, lo-fi energy, with layered guitars that just about reveal consistently gorgeous melodies. For fans who can appreciate the wonders that a studio   home can produce!

The Figurants

Track: Plaideli  From: Plaideli (single) Label: Self released  Out:  Now
Jangly bedroom, lo-fi-pop, augmented by the effortless cool of The Moldy Peaches type sparsity. The first new music from this Matt McClure project since 2019, is well worth the wait.


Track: Lake Erie (Whispering)  From: Carpenters Market (album) Label: Self released  Out:  Now
Perhapsy is the solo project of musician/graphic-artist Derek Barber, who infuses the washed out slacker-pop jangle of the Kurt Vile sound, with the salacious sunshive of surf-pop melodies.


Track: Needle  From: Needle (single) Label: Self released  Out:  Now
Falling off the manic end of Pavement and the left field jangly starting point of the Primo! aesthetic, California’s Jeffin’ will be loved by all who prefer their jangle obtuse.

Mint Julep

Track: Pulse From: In A Deep and Dreamless Sleep (album) Label: Western Vinyl  Out:  Album out 19.03.21
Step past the electro-pop intro and let the first drop of beautiful janglegaze dream-pop wash you away. This single merely serves to confirm that the default mode of Mint Julep appears to be stunning.

Lou Demontis

Track: You’ll Miss Me When I’m Gone From: You’ll Miss Me When I’m Gone (single) Label: Self released  Out:  Now
This Frenchman is becoming something of a friend to these pages with his unmistakable emotional croon and glorious 70s inflected, jangly pop-rock.

Graham Hunt

Track: Change Their Mind From: Painting Over Mold (single) Label: Forged Artifacts  Out:  Now
A more controlled Hunt sound, all lo-fi jangly that eventually intimates towards the threat of ‘breaking out’ as the track develops. It is basement pop that is as wonderfully scrappy as it can get !!!


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