EP Review – Going Postal by PostMouse (2021) (Self Released)


Recorded in and around lockdown London in October 2020, Postmouse is the union of two of the City’s finest denizens of cool, ‘Sox’ from Tugboat Captain and Ollie from Living Island
The release is gloriously uncluttered and revels in the best of indie/twee-pop sparcity and the production simplicity of the best of overtly lo-fi. As such we see New Years Day and the simply excellent Try Look To The Stars, cavort with as much jangle as bedroom-pop could possibly allow and add a C86 ramshackle to proceedings that would have even Stephen Pastel doffing his cap.
The other tracks are more controlled, but no less endearing. I Could Stay A Stay A While (Bah Bah Bah) is the inspired mix of The Television Personalities obtuse indie-pop and insistent Tullycraft twee, whereas Don’t Tell Me takes a marked detour from the remainder of the EP, with the nearest reference points being the dreamy, slight gaze laden romance of the Punchlove aesthetic.
Another winner for the extra time that this pandemic has afforded those with music in their hearts!




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