EP Review – Rehearsals Spring 1991 by Nos Etés Trop Courts (2021) (Ovvk Archives)


If the Cloudberry blog / label can be relied upon as the ultimate indie-pop archaeologists, then the French compatriots, the OVVK Archives label, is rapidly becoming a more regionally centric cousin, with an emphasis on fuzz laden, melodic, noise-pop in all it’s machinations.
The label’s succinct Bandcamp bio explains such regionailsm and it’s general purpose by stating themselves as:
A place for the french indie pop scene circa 1990-1995. Mainly from Nantes, Rennes and Brittany / North West of France. Remasters of demos, side projects, studio outtakes, live soundboard recordings…
I have been following the label for a while and they never fail to provide inspiring, interest music, that is so very early 90’s that it brings the spirit of the era flooding back, despite the obvious aural inferiority that the whole demo, outtakes, rehaearsal thing naturally invites.
These Nos Etés Trop Courts rehearsals are my favourite so far with tracks such as Waiting, Instrumental and Courir Après Rien showing that the C86 influence had crossed the channel and was being augmented with a bit of French noise-pop insistence. Such tracks appear to insist upon trying to out-ramshackle The Pastels and add a bit of grumble to The Vaselines. Even amid the recording whirr, pops and crackles, this sound is just brilliant.
Similarly the (post) post-punk 90s shoegaze aesthetic can be heard in Nos Etés Trop Courts and Only Of The Night, with their jangly post-punk and Ride laden swirling gaze strains.
Of course such projects are never going to justify physical releases but as a batch of releases that inspire as much through the interest of the how music develops through various decades, OVVK ‘s consistent unearthing of such treasures threatens to test the obstinance of even the most fervent digital haters.




Nos Etés Trop CourtsBandcamp
OVVK Archives  –  Bandcamp  /  Facebook  




  1. I was surprised when I ran into the OVVK Archives for the first time — So many different sounds, really clean soundboard recordings, and I especially love how much material they have for this group!


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