Album Review – The Best of Dropkick by Dropkick (Sugarbush Records / Sound Asleep Records)


There are sins so despicable that they should only be mentioned as hushed tones within your mind. For to release them into the open would merely serve to personally invite all manner of quite ridiculous indignation.
One such opinion is that Glasgow is not the home of the best Scottish power-pop band that has ever been gifted to the world. For Dropkick happen to frequent the town of Edinburgh.
There it is said now and I am quite prepared to duck the flying barbs of social media sniping, as Teenage Fanclub fans post their 18,000th YouTube video (that day) of TFC vinyl being given a spin, in an attempt to try and sway my opinion with forever boring machinations of their undying love.
Of course both bands are similar and both bands are wonderful. However, this career overview of the best of Dropkick‘s sixteen studio albums is testament to exactly why they get the edge in my affections.
Initially Andrew Taylor‘s vocals are simply unsurpassed. Able to thrive in the fuzzy mayhem of traditional Scots power-pop, he also has that extra facet to his voice whereby he can add stunning lucidity to the most stripped back, under-produced tracks like, Until I Fall Away, Too Much To Say, Style, Come Home and Let Down Again. Here nothing else matters but the sheer stunning beauty of his voice.
Similarly, Edinburgh’s finest can take the fuzzy power-pop and drive it towards the most stunning of crisp, jangled melodies, without any discernible seam. Tracks such as Only For Yourself, Figure It Out, Feeling Never Goes Away, I’m Over You Goodbye, Come Around and Going Where You’re Going are so intensely ‘jangly melodic’ that every sort of jangled nuance from The Byrds style chime, Evan Dando slacker-pop and Scottish power-pop just feels like it has had the refresh button persistently pressed.
Of course the Dropkick sound is not just about Taylor. Of course he is the driving force as he is the one constant member, but in the other 9-10 (or so…I am actually guessing here) various/revolving band members that appear on these 30 tracks, he always seems to find those that can compliment the definitive beauty of the Dropkick aesthetic.
A truly glorious career retrospective from the most consistent act around.




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Sound Asleep Records  –  Instagram  /  Facebook
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