EP Review – S/T by The Gabys (2021) (All Gone)


Original, leftfield (even) obtuse, jangle-pop will always be celebrated on this blog and this The Gabys debut EP, out of Michigan’s ever reliable All Gone label, ticks all of those boxes and many more I have not thought of yet.
The best part of the release, sees this UK based duo imbue the aesthetic with a  90’s anglophile indie feel. Molly and Gaby’s Dream somehow manage to simper jangled riffs through a definitive fuzz core. It would almost feel like a The Vaselines core if any sense of indie-pop was not replaced by layers of noise-pop. Either way, it is beguiling in every possible sense of indie chic imaginable.
Similarly the sense of absolute distinction continues in Untitled and Peter Bell. Both tracks are drizzled in the laziest of lo-fi production and hushed partially dsinterested, fully indiscernible vocals.
These are juxtaposed with a sense of bedroom-pop, that would perhaps bend the parameters of twee, if the melancholy was not so apparent. These tracks are akin to Kimya Dawson finally growing up and giving in to an ‘adult travails meltdown’ and are every bit as cool as that sounds (in my head).
Perfectly different and one certainly one to follow.



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