EP Review – Hook By Colin Miller (2021) (Oof Records)


If ever there was a Bandcamp bio that says so much about a sound in so perfectly few words, it is this one:
colin miller lives in asheville, north carolina. he makes little records on a big hill overlooking the best creek in the world.
Based on the above, you simply know that his sound is going to be simultaneously as warm, as it is swathed in introspection. Big hills, overlooking natures beauteous solitude, it simply invites such an essence.
Of course, as is always the case with Colin Miller repertoire, the beauty is resonant in every deliberated note. Lo-fi emotionality oozes through a sense of ramshackle, which is then imbued by a vocal production that says so little in terms of actual traditional legibilty, but speaks volumes in terms of sheer human warmth.
Finally the aesthetic culminates with the juxtaposition of fractured, jangled riffs, that simper through a subdued fuzz. Somehow it all comes together to hint at life’s  insecurities and confusions.
Seemingly without much intent, the Miller sound revels in a sense of ‘everyman’ that no real ‘musical plan’ can provide. He just has that unexplainable musical commodity that provides consummate reassurance, through nothing more than naturality. It is something to be confided in, especially during these troubled times.




Colin Miller  –  Instagram  /  Facebook Twitter
Oof Records  –  Instagram  /  Facebook Twitter



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