EP Review – Romance Languages by Romance Languages (2021) (self released)

Romance Languages is the solo project of Distant Creatures guitarist Dane Di Pierro and if his place among such lofty company promises riches, then this superlative EP certainly delivers.
Recorded, like so many recent musical treasures, as a consequence of the extra time afforded by the various pandemic induced lockdowns, the majority of the tracks are ‘finally finished demos’ that had lay dormant for years, but thankfully were never forgotten.
Let’s Get Out and Misread show Di Pierro has all things beautiful guitars coursing through his core, with the former offering the tiniest of fluttering jangled riffs among swathes of dream-pop and the latter going a more muscular indie-rock route, with  Ducks Unlimited style chiming jangled driven through increased intensity.
With Tastes being something of beguiling, groove-laden, left field outlier, the other half of the EP sees a more guitar-pop driven sound in You’ve Got Everything You Need and his cover of The Smiths, Cemetry Gates.
Both these tracks enable the guitar notes to breathe in their natural state, by reducing the dream-pop inferences and limiting the lucidity within the riffs, before adding the slightest of folk-pop persuasions via the vocal delivery. It’s all a tad Model Village, in their prettiest moments.
In essence, this is very much of a standard that engenders hopes that this is not ‘just’ a lockdown thing!





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