EP Review – Nouvelle Nouveau Remington Super 60 (Cafe Superstar Recordings / Z Tapes)


Indie-pop, twee-pop, dream-pop, whatever you wish to call them, Remington Super 60 have always been ridiculously indie-chic over their two decades together, merely by cavorting with the best that musical simplicity has to offer.
Such ‘close attention to little detail’ was the hallmark last years New EP release and is further accentuated on Nouvelle Nouveau. Here the aesthetic returns to the RS60 of their earliest sounds, all slightly dreamy and from a time before the bleeps and bloops of modern production were fully envisaged. Its bedroom-pop from an perfectly antiquated future.
The core of the aesthetic is seen in I Won’t Change My Mind, All I Want and See This Through. Such tracks take the lazy melodies of Bacharach croon pop, add irresistable amounts of fluttering jangled riffs to the mix and ensure that any sense of luscious does not detract from the subtle sense of cool, by rooting the sound to the sweet, demure disinterest of Elisabeth Thorsen’s made for indie vocals.
Of course Christoffer Schou has always been one to toy with the idiosyncracies that the softer edges of indie/twee-pop allow to thrive. On this release the toy shop keys and the possibilities of their yesteryear programming, are omnipotent in the true stand out of the impossibly jangly Talk With You and Still Near. They are defiantly cute, in both the twee and intelligence sense of the word.
You never quite know where this Norwegian threesome will go next. This could be a temporary sojourn into the restructured possibilities of their early twee/bedroom-pop, so lets just enjoy the ride while it gently rocks us.



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