Single review – Party From Hell by The Hannah Barberas (2021) (Spinout Nuggets)


South East London’s jangly indie-pop royalty, The Hannah Barberas, are back with a three track single that is groove laden with an overt optimism, that suggests that perhaps, just perhaps, there is hope at the end of the COVID tunnel.
In the inimitable, typrcal, simultaneously caustic and astute manner of the THB’s lyricism, opener Party From Hell, simultaneously attacks the bungling ruling party of the UK, whilst hinting as the revelry that will ignite when we have come through the other side of it’s COVID  mis-management.

Okay, they’ve gone
You can relax now everyone
Get in the conga line
It’s time for comrades to unite
This is the after party
After the party from Hell
So grab a drink, head into the garden
And dance till the sky turns red

The track is delivered with a The Divine Comedy deliberation that simultaneously accentuates the sardonic, but is playful enough to lace everything with a middle-fingered salute of ‘we still here depsite it all’ hope.
Similarly, Love’s Coming Back In Fashion (co-penned with Simon Winter) also hints at a world of hope. Not so much the hope of the initial, alcohol fuelled joys of the future post-pandemic landscape, but more specifically the enjoyment of the love experience from a 30/40 something perspective in comparison to what is felt by those ‘beatniks’ in the full flushes of youth:

Like beatniks, baby
They’re hard to guess
With poetry and paintings
and sunglasses
While we trip over words
and we lose our thread
But with you as my mirror
I see me at my best
So we wear our hearts on our sleeve
A model romance for all to see

Driven by a somewhat un-THB’s, but nonetheless glorious, jangly indie rock vibe, this is a subject matter / track that may not have been written a year ago, during the main ravages of the pandemic in the UK. That in itself just feels ‘hopeful’ about the prospects of enjoying the ‘life experience’ again. People are beginning to write about love again, ladies and gentlemen, rather than desolation and death and their is nothing the Tories can do to stop it !!!
The release concludes with Puppet Show. The driven jangly indie continues, but this time there is no attempt to be subtle with the barbed lyrical as ‘Gregory‘ becomes the main subject of their unconcealed angst.
I emigrated from the UK many years ago, so I am not sure of the actual identity of this gentlemen. He is plainly a British politician and the following words evoke every possible stereotype of an upper-class Tory politician, who has ridden directly into power on the coat tails of a their posh school blazer and a 1000 biscuit games.
It’s The Hannah Barberas at their most hilariously snide.

Gregory wants to get your love
Cares for your job
And he means it, means it
Cashing in, as it’s crashing
Shut your gob
It’s what we wanted, wanted
Gregory wants to be your friend
Says he’ll make amends
His expression portraying
His decency and sincerity
But behind the smiles
His ideals are sickening

These superb tracks are available on 7 inch vinyl via Spinout Nuggets / Doo Lang Records. Spinout singles do not tend to stay on the shelves for too long, so grab one here while they are still around or indulge yourself with a digital copy.


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