EP Review – Little Ice Age by Little Ice Age (self released) (2005)


Despite my self annointed position as ultimate jangle connoisseur (not !!!), the Adelaide based, Little Ice Age band, definitely slipped under my radar. 
However, perhaps I can be forgiven for this, considering they only ever released this EP and another three track single and this was done, right in the middle of a 2000s decade that jangle threatened to forget, amid the shouty oaf laden lads and laddesses of Britpop and the much more worthy Postcard Records revival.
Thankfully, the band have deemed it fit to finally place this EP (and the equally wonderful Belong to You, single onto Bandcamp) for more worthy, actual jangle connossiers, to revel in.
Essentially, the release thrives on two equally beautiful aesthetics. Initially, the more lucid sounds of Learn To Forget, A While From Home and Outer Control juxtapose the slightly distant,  dreamy melancolia of Heavenly with jangled riffs so resonant and pertinent, that they thrive upon all that was stunning about the Felt guitar sound.
The other sound can be seen in Vacancy For Peace and Responsible. These tracks permeate the jangly core with a psyche-pop persuasion that is juxtaposed with impassioned, slightly left field vocals. Such tracks still drift headlong into melancolia, but the more laconic tempos just add that extra inkling of despair and veers into a slightly post-punk territory.
Perhaps the sudden appearance of their small, but perfectly formed back catalogue, signals a reuinion of some sort? Maybe it’s just a find in the back of one of the bands laptops that needed to be officially remembered? Either way this is a lovely addition to any collection.








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