Beat The Delete #0104 (weekly new music recommendations)


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Jet City Sports Club

Track: Spinning Me Out  From: September Sun (EP) Label: Self released  Out: Now
A The Sundays meets Hope Sandoval style of sweet, sultry vocals, juxtaposed with the jangly propensities of The Bangles. This is all manner of jangly with a dominant chiming riff to die for! So good to see a jangly Aussie band not consumed by Melbourne’s Dolewave scene.

Spud Cannon

Track: Juno  From: Good Kids Make Bad Apples (album) Label: Good Eye Records  Out: Album out 25.06.21
Dynamic, jangly indie-pop with that ‘indie chic cool’ that is reminiscent of the Loose Tooth sound. This Poughkeepsie, NY, act is another great find for the always consistent Good Eye Records label.

Tequila Sirens

Track: You’re Gonna Face Somebody  From: Fast Clouds (EP) Label: Pugilist Music  Out: Now
Shaun Curran infuses psych-pop with a controlled Cowboy Dinosaur style, laconic fuzz. It all  feels like a daydream that you never want to end !!!


Track: Destiny  From: Walk In The Light (single) Label: Headstate Records  Out: Album out 21.06.21
Stunning, hypnotic, jangling riffs, imposed upon the slight psyche and gaze sensibilities that the best of early 90s Primal Scream had to offer. This Craig Klein (of The Race fame) led project could be one of the ‘finds’ of 2021.

Creature in the Spiral

Track: Play  From: FEB (EP) Label: Self released  Out: Now
Beautiful gaze laden distortion, that allows just the perfect amount of melodies to surface from the imperial noise

Kissing Party

Track: A Metal Hand  From: A Metal Hand (single) Label: Self released  Out: Now
Cocteau Twins style dream-pop with the slightest of fuzz and drone propensities. A sound that gets under your skin like the most beautiful infection ever!

Driving With Friends

Track: Is This What You Wanted  From: Is This What You Wanted (single) Label: Self released  Out: Now
Gentle melancolic, dream-gaze, awash with the jangled ambience of the Middleneck sound. Gorgeous vulnerability / emotionality to this sound.

Stray Fossa

Track: Diving Line  From: With You Forever (album) Label: Self released  Out: Album out 09.04.21
Slight gaze sensibilities wrapped around groove laden, jangled chillwave melodies, appears to be the beautiful musical modus operandi of this Charlottesville threesome. Not long to wait for this album now!

Dylan Sherry

Track: This Too Won’t Last  From: This Too Won’t Last (single) Label: Self released  Out: Now
We have featured this Los Angeles based singer/songwriter in Beat The Delete pages previously, but there is a different, hazy psyche feel added to the sonic texture of this latest single. With the jangle still omnipresent, it suits !!!

Gideon Foster

Track: Tick Tock  From: Tick Tock (single) Label: Self released  Out: Now
Beautiful, jangle infused pop rock, with aslight monasterial feel to the vocals that will appeal to fans of the 3.A.M. Again / Night Heron sound.

Omi Gelacio

Track: Tell Me  From: Tell Me (single) Label: Self released  Out: Now
Gaze laden slowcore, that jangles with uneasy lucidity. A Beautiful sound for those who like their dream-pop on the melancholic side.

The Zolas

Track: Let It Scare You  From: Let It Scare You (single) Label: Light Organ Records  Out: Now
Jangly, indie-pop, infused with the most cool of late 80s / early 90s guitar-pop strains. Imagine The La‘s with extra indie-chic and you will be just about be in the right melodic ballpark.


Track: Sunlight Swell  From: EPl (EP) Label: Self Released  Out: Now
This Swedish act claims the wonderful musical hinterland between The Doors style psyche and the mid 60s jangle of The Roves.


Track: Glom  From: Glom (single) Label: La Reserve Records  Out: Now
Single released during the height of the pandemic lockdowns, detailing the intropsection that the ‘extra time’ forced many of us into. Amid the subtle jangle, look out for a glorious classic rock strains mid way through!

Steve Zita

Track: Venom  From: Cosmica (album) Label: Self Released  Out: Now
Grandiose surf rock with swathes of laconic, psychedelic pop added to the mix, is the impeccable mix of this Toronato based multi-instrumentalist.

Fredi Blino

Track: Hey, Dishcloth  From: Hey, Dishcloth (album) Label: Self Released  Out: Now
Lo-fi pop rock, that drifts into brilliant left field jangle territory, on the back of twanging riffs and skew vocals

The Pierce Kingans

Track: Thinking About Someone Else  From: Pierceful Protest (EP) Label: Boat Dreams From The Hill  Out: Now
Vancouver’s, The Pierce Kingans, always find the perfect composite of 60s harmonies / melodies and everything that is so indie-chic about the best of left field bedroom-pop.

Taylor Hollingsworth

Track: Pinocchio’s Kids From: Pinocchio’s Kids (single) Label: Sexy Elephant Songs  Out: Now
Latest from Dead Fingers man and guitarist for Conor Oberst, that excels in hazy retro production and finger plucked fuzz-folk.

Olivia Bell

Track: freddie prinze jr From: freddie prinze jr (single) Label: Sexy Self rleased  Out: Now
Juxtaposition of alt country and subtle pop-punk, this single from Akron, Ohio’s, Olivia Bell takes you directly to ear-worm central and refuses to give you a return ticket!

Sea Grapes

Track: World of Beer T Shirt From: Will’s Pub Benefit Compilation (album) Label:  Knife Punch Records  Out: Now
The laziest of lo-fi, slacker vibes, with tiny jangled riffs to augment and beguile. This story of ‘settling down with / or ‘settling for’ a safe love interest, forms part of a brilliant 100+ compilation of acts, trying to assist Will’s pub in Florida during COVID times.

Hearts Apart

Track: It’s All The Same From: Number One To No One (EP) Label:  Self released  Out: EP out 18 June 2021
Garage / pop punk dynamism that always keeps one finger on the jangle button. This Vicenza, Italy, based foursome provide consistent thrill packed energy in their sub three minutes sounds.

Mitchell Gonzalez

Track: Tell Me Now, Marina From: Tell Me Now, Marina (EP) Label:  Self released  Out: EP out 18 June 2021

Driven, incessant, fuzzy indie-pop, that resides somewhere between the Chubz Lord and Tullycraft aesthetics. An absolute ear-worm of note.

Mystery Math

Track: Whatever it is You Do  From: Finally Found It (album) Label: Self released  Out: Now
Simple beats and layered overdubs, juxtaposed with the subtle beauty of sparse jangled riffs. Ambience at its finest from Detroits’ Chris Halverson.


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