Album Review – Uncommon Weather by the Reds, Pinks and Purples (2021) (Slumberland Records and Tough Love Records)


If I start off by saying Glenn Donaldson‘s, The Reds, Pinks and Purples project, could pass wind in a bottle and still entice me to buy the recording, then at least I have given you forewarning of the gushing fanboy that awaits in the following paragraphs.
For Uncommon Weather is perhaps ‘the album’, out of the three released so far, that really reveals the key to the omnipresent sense of beguiling as the totally enchanting vocal delivery, that simply captivates with every listen.
Best seen in the most stripped down of the tracks, I Hope I Never Fall In LoveA Kick In The Face (That’s Life) and Uncommon Weather invite extra attention to the perfect mixture of controlled deliberation and subtle production distortion within Donaldson’s intense vocals, via their uncluttered, faux twee-pop propensities.
With such galvanic vocals omnipotent, the aesthetic is also augmented by the hissing fuzz-pop of tracks like Don’t Ever Pray In The Church on my Street and The Record Player and the Damage Done, which add slight tinges of acid to the general sweetness, with hazy cinematics.
However, we follow The Reds, Pinks and Purples for the promise of it’s shimmering jangle and this album is typically abundant, with I Wouldn’t Die for Anyone, I’m Sorry About Your Life, Pictures of the World and Sympathetic, just about wrestling the ‘jangle crown’ away from the stiff competition posed by their previous two albums.
The beauty of this Donaldson project,  is that its revel in the prolific and usually releases a dozen of so digital singles and / or EP’s between every album/vinyl release. However, whilst many bands suffer from a sense of uniformity when releasing so frequently, The Reds, Pinks and Purples just seem to find a mystery higher gear with every release!




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  1. Love the songwriting and music, not so in love with the vocals. The vocals on nearly all the songs sound the same. It’s like he’s trying to sound like an English aristocrat or something. Kind of disingenuous to my ears anyway. When listening to these songs I can’t help thinking how I’d love to hear them with someone else’s vocals. Sorry to sound negative, but I’d rather be honest than try to fake it. But back to the positive, the music itself on nearly every song is stellar.


    • Beauty is obviously in the ear of the behearer…although I wonder how may vocalists change there vocal style / inflections with regularity? At least we agree on the beauty of the music!


      • Yes, you’re exactly right. We all hear things a little differently, and that’s wonderful and to be expected.

        I don’t know how many vocalists change their inflections with regularity, but (once again) to my ears in this Donaldson’s vocals tend to make almost all his songs sound similar. Like he’s literally singing the same song over and over again, just with different musical backing. I just don’t seem to hear this effect with other vocalists as much as I do with his albums.

        And then there’s the vocal inflections. One more time again, to my ears it just sounds like he’s trying to inflect some sort of aristocratic English tone, and it just doesn’t ring true. I’d love to hear him just let loose on a few songs instead of the higher pitched half whisper that seems to pervade nearly all the his songs.

        I only bring all this up because I love everything else about his music. In some ways it reminds me of Lindsey Buckingham. After his album “Out of the Cradle” ( a masterpiece IMO) he started using these whispering double tracked vocal effects on so may of his songs and it just ruined them, again, to my ears. Much like Donaldson’s songs, I’d dearly love to hear them with a straight vocal or with someone else singing these great songs.

        Oh well, they are what they are, and I really do appreciate what we have. And most importantly may I thank you for the wonderful work you put into your blog. I’ve discovered so much great music because of you. Thank you!


      • Thanks for your comments and kind words about the blog, John…We are plainly on different pages, but opinion is half the fun of music! It would be boring if everyone like or disliked the same thing !


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