Beat the Delete #0105 (weekly new music recommendations)


Here wo go again and thanks for joining us for another Beat The Delete playlist, bringing you another 22 tracks of mostly very new music that you may be able to lavish your fiscal and/or social media affections upon! 

The Churchill Garden

Track: Lonely  From: Lonely (single) Label: Self released  Out: Now
I cannot beat the quote by mastering engineer, Andrew Rose, that accompanied the promo blurb, as he states that this union of Andy Jossi and Krissy Vanderwoude  sounds like “ABBA meets Slowdive meets Augustus Pablo, somewhere in Switzerland !!!
This 7 minute epic is every bit as good as that sounds!

Raised on TV

Track: In The Valley  From: In The Valley (single) Label: Self released  Out: Now
Los Angeles based duo that mixes the crystalline jangly indie-pop of the Lost Ships sound to a subtle nod towards the indie-folk of The Decemberists. A truly superb single.

No Kill

Track: Swooning  From: Gold Chorus album) Label: Substitute Scene  Out: Now
Brooklyn NY’s, Jamie Cogar, is all extroverted Mazzy Starr, all hazy fuzzed up Pixies melodies and (indie chic) cooler that the centre of an iceberg. 


Track: New TV  From: Take the Cake (album) Label: Fire Talk Records  Out: Album out 21.05.21
Simmering Sonic Youth style hazy fuzz, augmented with a sense of rock desolation that hints at the quieter / better / more melodic moments, of 90s grunge.


Track: Small Spark  From: Pole Pole (EP) Label: Self released  Out: Album release date TBA
90s dream-pop, mixed with the prettier, less manic end of The Cranberries catalogue and A perfect jangly attitude. This duo are a wonderful Moscow based find.

Perlin Noise

Track: Glimpse of the World  From: Alchemy (album) Label: Self released  Out: Album release date TBA
Bret Black led project, coursing irresistable 60’s power-pop through psyche-rock flourishes and intermittent classic rock riffs. For the first time in years I felt compelled to pull out my air guitar !!!

Pink Chameleons

Track: Hot Dog  From: Hot Dog (single) Label: Soliti  Out: Now
Helsinki based threesome who rumble through the inteNsity that the best of garage fuzz has to offer, whilst allowing the slightest melodic intent to just about permeate the surface. Glorious fuzz !


Track: Throwing Car Batteries Into The Ocean  From: Stuck Here At The Start (EP) Label: Modest Aeroplane Records  Out: EP Out 30 April 2021
Solo project of Columbus’ based, Brianna Snider, infuses the merest, but most beautiful sense of emo fragility, to the most precious of jangly lo-fi rock.

Johnathon McCombe

Track: One More  From: One More (album) Label: Self released  Out: Now
Reverb drenched, lo-fi, slacker pop that jangles in all the most pertinent of places. Genuinely something that is infused with the best that left field originality has to offer.

Shoken Boys

Track: Heading Your Way  From: Heading Your Way (EP) Label: Self released Records  Out: Now
Surf, sunshine and dense psyche all the way from the sunny climes of Tev Aviv, Israel. One of those tracks that your mouse mysteriously gravitates back to !!!


Track: Delirious  From: Ruins by the Sea (Album) Label: Crafting Room Recordings  Out: Album out May 2021
Solo project of Wiltshire, UK’s, Jack Jazrawry-Brown, who creates jangly dream-pop beauty from within his student digs. An example of the exact reason why it is worth trawling through the recesses of the bedroom-pop tags !


Track: Soil & Dust  From: How Sick I Became, Running From Myself (EP) Label: Self released  Out: EP out June 2021
This solo project from North East based Singer-Songwriter, Tim Cox, threads jangly pop rock through the more muscular sound of the early 90’s guitar-pop bands. A glorious incessant energy from start to finish.

Billy Cheesesteak

Track: Reptile Sale Sunday  From: Walking The Fine Line Between Surprise Party And Home Invasion (EP) Label: Self released  Out: Now
Existentialist, reptile based, left field originality, from this jangly freak folk / psyche-pop, Omaha based act. Totally beguiling madness !

Sam Pearce

Track: Dad’s New ’92 Acura From: Bay State (album) Label: Self released  Out: 16.04.21
Grumbling, fuzz-laden, Bulit to Spill aesthetic, that seems to acquire a new sense of beauty with every layer of guitar/sound added.

Charlie Duda

Track: Really Really From: Really Really (single) Label: Self released  Out: Now
After the brilliance after last year’s Making Friends EP, which was JPH’s EP of the year for 2020, this Los Angeles based solo act returns with yet more golden nuggets of jangle encrusted sunshine.

Arn-Identified Flying Objects And Alien Friends

Track: Someone Told Me That You Were Dead  From: Someone Told Me That You Were Dead (single) Label: Self released  Out: Now
Solo project of Redmoon’s Alien Friend, that jangles in the very places that the best of 70s pop rock has to offer, whilst simultaenously assuming the better parts of The Clientele and other acts of perfect smoothness.

Aimée Steven

Track: Don’t Forget It  From: Don’t Forget It (single) Label: Jacaranda Records  Out: Now
Lo-tempo, jangly sparcity, oozing melodies and harmonies. This Liverpudlian chanteuse has that gorgeous Hatchie / Dreamwife feel to her sound.

Death Hags

Track: We Are Radio Signals  From: Big Grey Sun #3 (album) Label: Self released  Out: Now
Noise and psychedelic rock, fused with layers of jangly fuzz to add a bit of muscle and grit. For those who prefer an edge to their melodies.

Blush Face

Track: Flannel Shirt  From: Flannel Shirt (single) Label: Self released  Out: Now
The laconic jangle of Frankie Cosmos juxtaposed with the grit and crunch of The Voice of the Beehive style 90s rock, is the beguiling aesthetic of this Richmond, Virginia, based foursome.


Track: Tools  From: Tools (single) Label: Self released  Out: Now
Lying somewhere equi-distant between psyche, shoegaze and the best of melodic fuzz-pop, this is a sound that you need to work at, to work it out, but suddenly it sinks in with absolute perfection.

The Killifish

Track: Second Swell  From: Second Swell (single) Label: Dimed Records  Out: Now
Early 60s surf rock riffs infused with a modernity that makes it absolutely impossible to prevent at least one part of your body tapping out the groove. 


Track: The Good Ones  From: EPEP (EP) Label: De Jesus Underground Out: Now
This was submitted with no band details or tracks details and their Spotify bio is also empty, so I know nothing about the band, other than they release the most melodic, jangly, modern surf pop possible…and that’s really all we need to know!

Deep Tissue

Track: Condolences From: Patience or Fear (single) Label: Play Alone Records  Out: Now
An 80s whirl of dark, dreamy guitars, infused with an The Dukes of the Stratosphere / XTC style pop-intent. 



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