Single Review – Love’s Blue Yonder by Kev Robertson (2021) (Big Stir Records)


Kevin Robertson? Who he, I hear you murmur? You see, you would not really know of Kev as he is just about the most unnassuming, Dad, Husband, Aberdeen fan, Teenage Fanclub fanboy, you are every likely to meet. 
Unless of course you ‘really’ know your jangle, then you will know Kev as one half of the guitars that make up the sheer psyche-laden, 60s inflected, jangly brilliance, that is The Vapour Trails
Well The Vapour Trails are in no way dead, but after their critical acclaim, the jangle in Kev’s soul is more alive than ever and he is leading a solo project (although he is joined in all the right places by his son, Scott Robertson and Nick Bertling) which has led to jangle aficionado labels such as Futureman Records (who also released The Vapour Trails previous output), Big Stir Records (who are releasing this single as part of their wonderful digital single series) and Janglepophub’s very own Subjangle, to clamber over themselves to be associated with his guitarmanship.
For as unnassuming as Kev might be as a person, a normal fella in the very best moulds of normal, the fact is, that this lad can make a jangly guitar sing in total union with a voice that was made for the subtle end of power-pop.
As such A-side single (does that happen on a digital release?) Love’s Blue Yonder, seems very eager to get down to business. Starting off with an elongated ‘Heeeeeeyyyy’, that could have been the opening burst to the best Dropkick song that Dropkick have never quite written, the tracks bursts into a melee of lucid jangled riffs that literally tumble over each other for the listeners affections. This is the flyer single to his debut album due out on Futureman / Subjangle at the end May and is one of several jangle classics that could have been chosen !!!
Non-album b-side, Situations, slows sown the tempo, adds a flourish to the production and fashions harmony out of both a salacious sophisti-pop sensibility and a gorgeous dominant riff that feels so very Peter Hall with its 70s omnipotent sense of overt luscious.
Kev’s here and whilst it may take him a little while to fully believe in himself, this single and the fortcoming album will ensure, he’s not going anywhere but straight onto our stereos/laptops !




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