Album Review – Venus Fly by REPO FAM (2021) (Gentle Reminder Records)

Back in Sept 2018, Janglepophub fell in love with the self titled debut album of this Michelle Peña (ex Foul-Swoops) led project.
In the proceeding 2.5 years, REPO FAM seem to have grown the sort of musical muscles that has enabled them to sidestep the total obtuse introspection of the debut and add a more concise sense of disparate attitude to their always omnipotent left field.
As such, the fuzz and grumble previously only seen on the superlative Skip To the Lou track from the initial release, now has primary importance, with tracks such as the opening triple salvo of Los Beetles, the title-track and Toerama, heaving with layers of distortion that tend to be built around the foundation of isolated, tinny riffs, that are chopped out with the perfect sense of metronomic of a Primo! style act.
Thankfully the original dominant REPO FAM aesthetic is also still very much present, with Dark Vision, Spanish Fly and Love Streams reverting back to the debut’s more abstract, jangly lo-fi rock sound and the strangely existentialist, intuitive style of Peña’s vocals, that are coursed with an almost Moldy Peaches sense of delicate skew.
REPO FAM have added another fuzz laden arrow to a bow that has always fired nothing but ‘absolute cool’ and have more than justified that ‘follow button’ press from well over two years ago!



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