Single Review – The World’s A Room by Restless Leg (2021) (Peabrain Recordings)

May be an image of 4 people, people standing, outerwear and brick wall

With members from Sydney musical luminaries such as Peabody, Bluebottle Kiss, Infinity Broke, The Sam Shinazzi Band and The Exile Co, this Restless Leg foursome are always going to have to produce something special to live up to their, probably unwanted, ‘Sydney Supergroup tag’. Of course, this was done with typically laconic and consummate ease, in their 2013 eponymous debut and 2017’s Some Kind of Restless albums.
Rejecting the modern day penchant to release singles into the world with the frequency of the gestation period of a particularly randy mosquito, they are now back after three and a half years, with this, their second single (last month’s The Wheel it Turns is equally as amazing) from their forthcoming Dream Buffet album, that is out in June 2021.
Despite being everything Sydney, the general aesthetic is obviously intensely Dunedin. Initially there are obvious comparison with The Bats, both in the typically laid back dulcet tempos and bored, slightly melancholic atmospheres, as well as the deadpan disinterest of a vocal delivery, that typifies the best of both the Dunedin and the Triple J, Aussie aesthetics.
Added to this there is a definite Vehicle era The Clean style in the guitar work, as isolated riffs of crisp, glaring jangle, dart within the general aura of very slight malaise. It would be a fractious, almost disparate union of styles, if it was not something that decades of Antipodeans have made the desirable norm.
I just have a feeling, considering the brilliance of the initial two singles, that their forthcoming third album could well be their magna-opus. I also get the feeling, considering the total brilliance of this act, that I should be adding a ‘so far’ to that statement ?!


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