EP Review – Beautiful Days by Belinda May (2021) (Self released)

My surname is Lee. Not unusual in the UK place of my birth (in fact very council estate, traveller/gypsy, “common”). However, speaking to business people overseas (as my bosses make me do) and the absolute hilarity of them asking ‘are you Bruce Lee’s son’ or ‘do you come from China or Japan, never ceases to get my chuckle muscles moving.
Japanese act, Belinda May also deal in the moving. As it is near on impossible to prevent every bodily part from responding to their jangle in some way. You can try and conciously forbid muscular response to the sound, but your body ‘will’ move, even if it just subtle finger/foot tappage. Listen to it …tell me I am wrong?!
Essentially, the core of this sound is South East Asian jangle as nature has both intended and consistently proffered it. All luscious, lazy shoegaze, with the cutesy twee vocal delivery, infused with a certain Tincho smoothness, tracks such as Beautiful Days and Feel, offer the welcome mat to the very prettiest of the 17 Years Old and Berlin Wall aesthetic. High praise indeed.
The other track, Every Day In Love, is most certainly the best. Still with a perfectly sacharinne core, layers of guitars and distortion are added, that gradually increase in both intensity and number, until they are cavorting in a perfect conflict for attention. The sound would be Oso Oso in ramshackle persuasion, if the jangled riffs did not keep adding melodic direction and pop sensibilities that are reminiscent of the Holy Now sound.
After a total of just four tracks (this EP and a debut single) Belinda May have already left a ‘beautiful footprint’, that hints at so much potential.




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