EP Review – Airy Day by Nah (2021) (Self released)


After a brief sojourn with the Shelflife label, who released their exemplary eponymous debut album in September 2020, Nah are back doing exactly what we initially fell in love with them for, self releasing EP’s that simply engulf you in an overwhelming sense of retro chic.
Airy Day has two nuances. Initially the sound of tracks such as Apple Blossoms and Primavera from their aforementioned album, act as something of a template for the opening salvo of the title track and Walking in the Sun at Midnight.
Essentially sophisti-pop, these tracks display the brilliance of the Sebastian Voss / Estella Rosa union and their innate ability to avoiding the trap of sophisti-schmaltz by augmenting their sound with a 60/70s aesthetic, that always hints at a glorious  carefree and infinitely more debonair yesteryear.
This musical ‘feeling’ is augmented with lyrics that also hint at a simpler time, with Airy Day referencing telegrams, polaroids and the extensive telephone bills that now feel like cute bygones from another era and Walking in the Sun at Midnight frolicking more specifically, with times that are portrayed as belonging to infinitely less dangerous and consuming era.
The other two tracks are offered in the respective German and Dutch languages of the duo and showcase their trademark jangled guitars, that are too fragile to be considered shimmering, but still have as many of the Brighter, Heavenly, The Field Mice reference points as you can possibly imagine. These only serve to augment the indie-croon of the Voss vocals in Wellen Die Liebe and the indie-perfect sweetness of Estella Rosa’s vocal delivery in Dagen Van Gras, Dagen Van Stro.
The latter track is undoubtedly the highlight of the release, with the sweet vocals, adding a slight sense of melancholy to a subject matter that ‘possibly’ details a search for the lost sense of carefree that the initial two tracks so eloquently conveyed, with the following verses suggesting a return to life, before ‘real life’ really kicked in:
You could do it so well
Better than me
You can still do it
Just like then
At the beginning
Dance out of tune
As best you can
As good as it gets
If no one sees it
Do as you should
Everything all over again
Nah continue to encapsulate everything that intrigues me about the best of indie-pop. The fluttering jangle, all manner of retro and lyrics that offer some explanation, but still leave enough room for multiple intrepretations.
Quite simply…another superb release.



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