Single Review – When Will When Come by Cozy Slippers (2021) (self released)

Cozy Slippers updated their website address.

With shimmering guitars, that could purify the air with one crystalline riff and gorgeous vocal harmonies, courtesy of Barbara Barrilleaux and Sarah Engel, the Seattle based threesome, Cozy Slippers, (Steven Skelton completes the line up)  quickly fostered a burgeoning jangly indie-pop reputation, with their initial Late Night In Summertime (March 2017) and Postcards (April 2018) EP’s.
Partially hidden amid the general beauty of these two releases was the Back and Forth track on Postcards, that appears to be something of a template for the two singles released since then and especially for the brilliance of the A-side of this single.
For in When Will When Come, the tempo is reduced, chunky basslines are discovered and jagged, angular riffs cavort with vocal persusasions, that cling onto the notes for that elongated Sinead O’Connor style of fractious.
Essentially, it is a sound that commences with subtle post-punk and frequently returns there, whilst ensuring that the sumptuous guitar-pop of their signature sound, materializes with increasing emphasis as the track develops. It’s early The Voice of The Beehive with all sense of cutesy removed.
B-side, Be Alone With Me, removes any post-punk suggestions of darkness and tumbles jangled riffs all around a slight sense of balladry, that is reminscent of the slower, better parts, of The Bangles, that are often overlooked behind the Walk Like and Egyptian veneer. It’s The Cozy Slippers at their most intensely beautiful (so far).
After two EP’s and two singles, that have never failed to impress, this act are probably just a full length away from becoming scene makers in modern jangly indie-pop spheres.


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