Single Review – A Gentle Man by Jaguar Purrs (2021) (Self released)

I have no idea exactly how volumous Atlanta based Jordan Parker (aka Jaguar Purrs) maybe? However, it really matters not, as you could through him into a dolls house with four elephants, give him a guitar, synths and anything else that he cajoles his beautiful sound from and he would defy the spatial odds and still make his core aesthetic hellacious, cavernous or (reaches for an on-line thesaurus and settles upon…) monolithic.
For the Jaguar Purrs sound has always been about creating a sense of slight unnerving, always isolated, cinematic resonance. In A Gentle Man, his first works since the equally remarkable The Cowboy Rodeo album in July 2020, Parker drifts his trademark chasmic riffs, through the rasping echoes of his Harrison Whitford style vocals.
It’s dream-pop exactly like a very melancolic, introspective, astronaut might prefer to listen to on year long descent into space. Perhaps a bit unsettling, but a perfectly enlightening experience.
If you are a fan of the ZTapes label style spacious dream-pop / subtle gaze, then Jaguar Purrs are the best act they have not signed yet!



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