Beat The Delete #0108 (weekly new music recommendations)


Hello all and thanks for coming back for more new music recommendations courtesy of our Beat The Delete playlist.
Some people have been asking me to put these listS on a Spotify. I do not do that because a) I try and use Soundcloud or Bandcamp links as they automatically pull through to, b) There are regular instances (even on this list) where acts do not bother with Spotify and most importantly c) …I just can’t be arsed.
I hope that clears that up. However, click away at the following and remember to be arsed to give as much fiscal/social media love to the acts you like. or just to the music industry in general.
See ya next week…Daz

Love Truls

Track: Trembling Hands  From: Kantande Wanai (EP) Label: This is Scandanvia  Out: 04 June 2021
Love Truls and Siri Gunrup Järvinen, join forces to provide one of the most beautiful tracks of 2021. The June release of the Kantande Wanai is hugely anticipated from this 18 year-old Swede.

Bridge Dog

Track: San Francisco From: San Francisco (single) Label: Self released  Out: Now
Sydney-based duo who combine the very prettiest of jangly indie-pop sensibilities with bleak lyrics of absolute sadness. A truly superb debut single.

Swiss Portrait

Track: Cassette From: Familiar Patterns (album) Label: Self released  Out: Album out 28.05.21
Michael Kay Terence has now released three singles from the abovementioned album. All of them are imbued with the typical ZTapes washed out jangle/gaze infusion. This album is more than likely to be visiting many ‘best ofs’ at the end of the year !

The Rose Petals

Track: Welcome to the Big Top From: American Grenadine (single) Label: Self released  Out: Now
Peter Donovan and Elijah Ocean led project, that takes the skew R.E.M sound of John McCabe and courses it through the most wonderfully jangly power-pop imaginable.

Auld Spells

Track: I Want You Back  From: I Want You Back b​/​w Another Way (single) Label: Self released  Out: Now
Are you struggling to imagine an impossibly jangly mixture of 50’s pop melodies, subtle reverb and dream-pop? Your worries are over, courtesy of the jangly beauty ommitted by Edinburgh’s Auld Spells

Victory Kicks

Track: Mookie Betts  From: Mookie Betts (single) Label: Self released  Out: Now
London’s Victory Kicks, create a mixture of British Sea Power anthemic and Guided By Voices fuzz laden jangle. Its absolutely compelling stuff !


Track: Cat Hair From: Demo 21 (EP) Label: Self released  Out: Now
Frank Black meets the intersection between Dan Sartain and The Feelies. A hugely impressive 1st release of perfect irreverence, from this LA based foursome.

Sock Jock

Track: Than  From: Than (single) Label: Totally Real Records  Out: Now
Chicago’s Taylor Marie, creates impossibly jangly, ‘Snail Mail on speed’  guitar-pop, that rumbles with both dynamism and a beguiling feminity.

Never and Ever

Track: Discount Fireworks From: All We Can Call Our Own Is Strife (EP) Label: Self released  Out: Now
With the laconic, jangly lo-fi infusion of earlier Stoop Kid and the fuzz persuasions of Dead Katz, Chicago based singer-songwriter Gorman J. hits the coolest of bedroom-pop notes

Death By Ligers

Track: Before You Go  From: Mookie Betts (single) Label: Divine Bovine Records  Out: Now
Idaho based foursome, releases a track of beautiful, jangled melancolia and  heart rendering lyrics. Feels like Elliott Smith found the pretty dial.

Partner Look

Track: Right Here  From: Right Here (single) Label: I heard A Whisper  Out: Now
This mix of Lloyd Cole and the most laconic of Melbourne dolewave, takes you on a one way ride straight to earworm central. The city of Melbourne unearths yet more potential jangle legends !

Michael Sarafin

Track: Hit That Note  From: Hit That Note (single) Label: Self released  Out: Now
A superbly original mixture of The Umbrella Puzzles style twang, 50’s croon and melodies all augmented by string flourishes.

Mo Klé

Track: Be My Judge  From: Parallel Worlds (album) Label: Horse Behind A House Records  Out: Album release date TBA
Swiss songwriter René Grünenfelder, infuses subtle jangled riffs into a folk rock style that is steeped in the best traditions of and beguiling Americana.


Track: The Right Thing  From: The Dance (album) Label: Self released  Out: Album out 14.05.21
Minneapolis based seven-piece, who make the most glorious cinematic indie and infuse it with the most subtle of incidental jangle. Really looking forward to the release of their The Dance album in a couple of weeks.

The Orrs

Track: On My Side From: On My side (single) Label: Powder House Records  Out: Now
New Hampshire based bedroom-pop duo of Mike Thurston and Stefan Mraz who course washed out surf rock through jangled melodies. Music to accompany physical and metaphorical ‘sunny days’.


Track: Nothing To You From: Nothing To You (single) Label: Self released  Out: Now
This Dublin four-piece take mid 2000s American brat-pop and mix it with the best of tinny jangle. The intro here is immense !

Captain Felix

Track: Chocolate Covered Lies  From: Leftover Lover (EP) Label: Self released  Out: Now
Amsterdam based foursome, with a track thats offers The Church style jangle with an indie-rock / Britpop muscularity. If the musical gods were just, this track would appear on just about every possible playlist !!!

One Hundred Moons

Track: Fistful of Maybes  From: One Hundred Moons (single) Label: self released  Out: 28 May 2021
This lockdown project of Jennifer Vella and Collin Young feels like Asobi Seksu calming My Bloody Valentine down. Absolute beauty in every reverb drenched chord.


Track: Notemakers  From: Notemakers (single) Label: Mai 68 Records  Out: Now
Uncle Tupelo meets Kurt Cobain releasing his inner TFC. Superb, dulcet muscularity sidles through this wonderful mixture of 90s sounds.


Track: Trembling Hands  From: Kantande Wanai (EP) Label: Duchess Box Records  Out: 21 Sept 2021
For fans of the dreamy/Mazzy Starr sound/inflections of Hatchie / Poppongene, this Berlin based act is currently receiving much deserved patronage from BBC Radio 1 !!!


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