EP Review – Eponymous Extended Play by Milk Bottle Sympathy (2021) (Self released)


This release has been out for over a month and only now have I stumbled accross it. This is somewhat surprising since it is the project of Rob Morgan, Simon Farrier and  Johny Nocash, all of whom kind of lurk in the same Twitter circles as me.
However, the fact they have released this EP with little fanfare (or have I been asleep) somehow fits in with the beautiful, quiet subtleties and sense of ‘very indie’, of this superb release.
The opening track is undoubtedly the standout of the release. Commencing with a slight essence of The Dream Academy meets James, beckon into the darkness style of vocals, the track quickly draws you into a strangely hypnotic mix of existentialist call and response drone, as spindly psyche riffs join all manner of fragile, fluttered The Field Mice style jangle. It seems to be being played on every radio show / podcast I follow at present…and so it should !!!
Critical Blinking continues with the fluttering, incidental jangle, however now the vocals dart headlong into ‘professional northerner’ and echo machines, as a slight sense of perfect the Televison Personalities pervades the aesthetic. It is left field at it’s most subtle with controlled quirks all the way.
The final track, Good Sense, is the obvious outlier. Opening with a distant piano, which remains as the omnipotent core, the track gradually adds layers of unobtrusive guitars and slightly brushed percussion. It’s all equates to a obtuse, slightly unsettling, but ultimately beguiling, sense of melancolia and is undoubtedly the track displaying the band’s accomplished musicianship to it’s fullest.
Milk Bottle Sympathy have now released another Standard Second Release EP, which is steeped in the more indie electronica sounds of Si Farrier. Perhaps this is a project that will visit as many of their favourite genre’s as possible. Let’s hope it is not too long before they get back on the road to jangy indie-pop again though.





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