EP Review – Nostalgia by Lost Ships (2021) (Subjangle)


It is now over two years and three EP’s since The Kites from the 1990’s, reformed as The Lost Ships and once again they prove on this Nostalgia EP why the format remains so essential to the most ardent of music fans.
There is the obvious feeling that this set of five tracks are just toO good to be kept in the can awaiting the day that another five can join them to form an album. As such it is plainly the duty of these long time mates (they met at Plymouth University in the early 90s) to impart their sumptuous form of jangly indie-pop upon the world.
The best of the release is what this band and especially songwriter, Ashley Chaplin, excel at. Shirley From Shirley and Come To Me, tethers the intensity, accentuates the vocal production in a way that ensures every lyric is noticed and wraps it all in their trademark, crystalline jangle-pop. Such tracks are the reason we buy Lost Ships music and always will be.
However, this act are most certainly not simply a one trick act and always explore other jangly nuances. Here Weight Of The World revisits the subtle fuzz that was so perfectly introduced into their repertoire on the previous All Of The Pieces EP, whereas Inside My Head sidles resonant touches of folk rock and alt.country in and  around all things jangly.
Perhaps some might dismiss the final instrumental, self titled track, as something of an an outlier or throwaway. However, repeated plays just evoke a sense of the sounds of yesterday, as the sound wafts through orchestral flourishes to be gradually joined by subtle guitar-pop. It is all very un-Lost Ships, but subtle perfection as a concluding track in terms of the context of this release.
Hopefully, one day they will find enough time to release a full album (they all live in different parts of the country so time together is of an essence) however, in a way I secretly hope that they carry on with these little nuggets of perfection. Long live the EP…Long live Lost Ships releasing them !!!



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