EP Review – Little Ray Of Sunshine By Matt Love (2021) (Self released)


Some may consider it a somewhat strange decision to release a new EP the day after Bandcamp Friday, when most people are still reeling from the shock of wading through 8000 e-mails offering them the chance to buy a lost digital file demo from 2011.
But Matt Love‘s time with Even As We Speak has possibly already concluded that he is not adverse to being just a tad ‘different’. As such it was perhaps surprising, that the interlinked dual aesthetics of this release are not exactly steeped in any sense of obtuse, but still manage to captivate with enough subtle originality amid the more traditional guitar-pop structures.
Initially the best of the EP assuages those with fuzz-laden guitar pop desires, with opener, A Prayer and a Hard Life, travelling headlong dwn a definitive Hanemoon route, which is juxtaposed with both a rich indie baritone Royal Target / Johny Nocash vocal delivery and the slightest of alt.country infusions. Perfect ‘other fuzz’, is the tag you might use, if you are still tagging your media files like this oldie does in his moments of glorious OCD sadness !
The fuzz remains omniprescent throughout the release. However it’s dimInishing returns are replaced with a much more melodic, Jangly guitar-pop in tracks such as Gently Awake Me, Would You Want Me At All and So Pure, which doff a cap to the laconic sounds of The Lightning Seeds / New Order, whilst adding a playfulness that reminds me of the occasional Phil Sutton led project Cinema Red and Blue.
Matt Love does not release too often as a solo act, I am only aware of one other album / single prior to this, but so far he always manages to find the natural union of perfect and pop, whilst retaining inide credence.




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