Beat The Delete #0109 (Weekly new music recommendations)


Bit of a shorter list as my email was flooded with Bandcamp Friday mails offering me the chance to buy a digital remixes of demos from 2011…thankfully it looks like that was the last Bandcamp Friday and we can get back to be being offered proper new music like these glorious tracks below, that somehow managed to squeeze through the masses of nonsense !!!
Hope to see you next week.

Jody and the Jerms

Track: Nemesis  From: Sensation (EP) Label: Self released  Out: EP release date TBA
This Oxford based sextet are everything 90’s, especially the sumptuous femininity of Strawberry Switchblade and The Go Go’s. Gorgeous jangly indie-pop melodies.

Charlie Duda

Track:  Marbles From: Roller Coaster (EP) Label: Self released  Out: EP out 04 June 2021
LA based, Charlie Duda is a long time friend of Janglepophub and is back with another EP at the beginning of June 2021. If this track is indicative, it promises to be more of the best of melodic, sunshine laden, surf-pop.

Panic State

Track:  How Do We Know From: How Do We Know (single) Label: Self released  Out: Now
London / Cambridge based threesome, whose dulcet jangle has been the subject of an inordinate amount of critical acclaim, including much love from BBC Introducing. This track is busy going viral (isnt that was the young ‘uns say?).

Sonny & the Sunsets

Track:  Ring My Bell From: New Day With New Possibilities (album) Label: Rocks in Your Head Records  Out: Album out 30 July 2021
The Shins laconic melodies, tinged with the slightest of folk/ inflections and ladels of jangle. An album that is firmly on my ‘must buy’ list.


Track:  Would Be Lady From: Knocking on the Door of Daylight (EP) Label: Self released  Out: Now
New York based duo bringing the jangly college rock of the 54:40 sound on a journey back to the 2020’s, courtesy of this brilliant album. If ever a scene/genre deserved a revival it’s this one and Newspoke are more than capable of leading it.

Modern Stars

Track:  Shades of Morning Sun From: Shades of Morning Sun (SINGLE) Label: Self released  Out: Now
Stunning, original, beautiful mixture of discordant fuzz, subtle gaze and all manner of Spiritualized meets the janglier end of Primal Scream.

The Hisunz

Track:  CNTRDCTNS From: CNTRDCTNS (single) Label: Self released  Out: Now
Beautiful mixture of slightly foreboding, jangly post-punk and that melodic semi-gaze sound that acts like Swiss Portrait and Community Swimming pool are making so essential at present.

Penelope’s Thrill

Track: Wind and Whispers  From: Twilight on Tunnel Road (album) Label: Self released  Out: Now
Chiming, 60s style, 12 string is the perfect modus operandi of this Timoth Walsh lead project. 

Grease Weasel

Track: Krakatoa Kakapo From: Laundry Music Records (single) Label: Self released  Out: Now
Falling somewhere between 60s melodic pop and lo-fi melancholy, Grease Weasel always manage to render beauty out of a sense of general slacker lethargy.

The Hunter Express

Track: God Damn Plan  From: God Damn Plan (single) Label: Self released  Out: Now
Melbourne based singer-songwriter Bradley Ellis, creates a beautiful ambience out of subtle pedal steel and incidental jangled riffs. Truly stunning.


Track: Gravity  From: Gravity (single) Label: Shelflife Records  Out: Out now on digital and 04.06.21 on vinyl 7″
Reformed dream-pop / shoegaze band from 15 years ago with the gorgeous voice of Krissy Vanderwoude leading them back into modern waters, courtesy of Shelflife Records.

Licking Rainbows

Track:  I Don’t Lie From: Burp (EP) Label: Self released  Out: Now
Swiss act, that fall somehwere equidistant between 22-20’s blues inflected rock, 60s west coast psyche and almost Stones style garage. A superb four track EP of total dynamism.

Mr Floyd Larry

Track:  Uneasy From: Uneasy (single) Label: Self released  Out: Now
This Miami based act offers the most beguiling and original take on modern dream-pop with his perfect mix of hazy melodies and groove inflected riffs.


Track:  Magic That Talks From: Magic That Talks (single) Label: Self released  Out: Now
Lovely mixture of left field jangly indie-pop and precocious strains of cutesy twee. The sort of indie-pop sound that the earliest of the 2000’s lusted after !


Track: Intermezzo  From: Tutti gli animali del mondo (EP) Label: Self released  Out: EP release date TBA
A fine mixture of sounds that claims the ground somewhere between Death By Chocolate twee, Melenas and the sparsity of Young Marble Giants.

You and Me and You

Track: Orange Juice From: Living Room (EP) Label: Self released  Out: EP release date TBA
With the beautiful indie-folk vocal inflections of an Alela Diane type chanteuse and the a subdued sense of lo-fi, jangly ambience, this Washington DC based threesome have something for everyone.



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