Single review – France Gall / Montagmorgen by Die Zärtlichkeit (2021) (Kleine Untergrund Schallplatten)

Die Zärtlichkeit by Eva Banas 1

Die Zärtlichkeit are Cologne based duo, Andreas Fischer (vocals, lyrics) and Tobias Emmerich (music, lyrics), who formed in 2019 and received inordinate levels of micro-blog critical acclaim (the sort that matters !?) with their Die Zärtlichkeit II EP (released in November 2020).
Despite their tender year(s) together, they have already been signed up by a Kleine Untergrund Schallplatten label that appreciates anything that jangles and has  released recent favourites by the likes of The Luxembourg Signal, The BV’s, Love,Burns and Jetstream Pony, to name but a few.
This duo most certainly deserve to be the latest on the KUS roster to get the label’s 7″ vinyl treatment. These two tracks that swerve lazily from the more twee end of indie-pop and its cute nerdiness and end up tiptoeing through the prettier, jangly fragility and suggested percussions, that made the 80s and 90s so special with the Sarah Records and The Bus Stop label acts.
Both tracks are in German and are delivered with the slightest of Peter Hall type sophistipop croon. However, you really do not need to know the meaning of the words, when the jangle talks like this.
Grab a copy here while stocks last.



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