Beat The Delete #0110 (weekly new music recommendations)


Hello everyone and thanks for joining us for the 110th edition of Beat The Delete, bringing you all our favourites from the submissions we have received this week that have survived a pressurized delete button.
If you like any of these acts, please support them (or indeed indie music in general) with whatever fiscal means / social media love you can muster. Many places can see the light at the end of the COVID tunnel…lets try and make sure that as many great acts are still around for us to enjoy as possible.

1104 Millions

Track: SF Johnny  From: SF Johnny (single) Label: Echo Orange Out: Now
A slight instrumental, Middleneck vibe, mixed with the best of jangly lo-fi production. It’s the subtleties of John Frusciante with a finger permanently pressed of the hypnotic button.

Briefly Pink

Track: Coconut Jam  From: Coconut Jam (single) Label: Self released  Out: Now
Surf Curse style jangled riffs mixed with a Violent Femmes style mania. Perfect music to get the adrenaline pumping, from this Kentucky based duo.

Grimm Winter

Track: Cherry Street  From: Grimm Winter (EP) Label: Self released Out: Now
A Hamell on Trial style of indie-folk, juxtaposed against the most perfect of jangled melodies. It is a disparate, but perfect mix.

Watson Park

Track: Safe Means of Travel  From: Safe Means of Travel (single) Label: Self released  Out: Now
New Hampshire based foursome, providing laconic slacker pop melodies in the best tradition of It’s a Shame About Ray, era The Lemonheads.


Track: Screens  From: Tit’s Up (album) Label: Self released  Out: Now
Jangly indie-pop, given just that bit of American indie rock muscularity to appease those appalled by cutesy. This San Francisco based foursome have only released three singles, but are already promising the world !

Ponta Preta

Track: Scusi Frate  From: Tit’s Up (album) Label: Le Surf Records  Out: Now
Twisting slithers of psyche around both surf rock and West Coast pop, this French act are leading the new wave of surf laden originality hailing form this superb, Lyon based label.

Baby Combat

Track: Bee’s Knees  From: Bee’s Knees (single) Label: Self released  Out: Now
60s Surf rock riffs washed in fuzz and haze. This solo project of New Yorker, Noel Yeo, is destined to be a long time friend to these pages.


Track: Coconut Jam  From: Sorry For Coming Home (EP) Label: Self released  Out: Now
Jangled surf rock riffs, meets the slight gaze inflections of all manner of ZTapes bands, before being engulfed by a disparate baritone grumble. Totally loving this EP at present!


Track: This Time It’s All On You Buddy  From: This Time It’s All On You Buddy (single) Label: Self released  Out: Now
Fuzz laden bedroom pop meets The Pastels style ramshackle C86. An original mix of tried and tested formulas from this Tim Cox project.

Hearts or Parts

Track: Still Frames  From: Still Frames (single) Label: Self released  Out: Now
Beautiful The Ocean Blue style jangled melodies is the primary aesthetic of this Houston based foursome. A sound for those who love the beauty of the best that guitar-pop has to offer.

Dark Dazey

Track: Blue  From: Blue (single) Label: Self released  Out: Now
Los Angeles based act who offer beautiful psyche laced, pop rock melodies, that could and really should, accompany any moment of lazy sunshine.

Wojtek the Bear

Track: One Thing’s For Certain  From: Heaven by The Back Door (single) Label: Last Night From Glasgow  Out: Album out 16.07.21
This Glasgow quintet provide beautiful jangly, guitar-pop, that adheres to the most noble traditions of the city’s musical heritage. 

Baltimore at an Angle

Track: Moving to Africa  From: Moving to Africa (single) Label: Self released  Out: Now
This bedroom project of Bournemouth’s Grant Gillingham courses everything from Guided by Voices, The Cure and Blancmange through a tinny, fuzzy, jangled core, that is his trademark sound.

Nicky Schott

Track: Yes  From: Yes (single) Label: Self released  Out: Now
Part of his ‘Meditative Barf Series’, this wonderful guitar-pop visits Magnetic Fields subtle amid perfect laconic lo-fi.


Track: Slip From: Water’s Push (EP) Label: Gigantic Noise Records  Out: Now
Jangle gaze combined with a sense of the dark foreboding so reminiscent of the late 80s Post-punk scene. This Portland based act seem determined to bring the genre kicking and screaming into modernity.

Linus Gxrdfeldt

Track: Picking Scabs From: Animal Tongue (EP) Label: Kontradiktion  Out: Now
More brilliant jangly post-punk from a renowned Swedish poet who mixes his darkness with a jangled core and intermittent usage of elongated 80s classic rock riffs.

Break The Robot

Track: Spring From: Spring (single) Label: Self released  Out: Now
A mixture of 90s alt rock and the insistent fuzz and thrum of the best that 80s power-pop had to offer. This is the perfect mix of retro sounds.

Lunar Isles

Track: Undercurrent From: Tides (album) Label: Self released  Out: Now
Another track from an album that I am becoming increasingly besotted by, with its mixture of jangly ambience and subtle gaze cinematic.


Track: One Of You  From: Short Stories (album) Label: Echo Orange Out: Now
The ‘Peter Pedantics’ among you will write to let me know that this track is from a 2019 album and therefore is not new. Please note, I don’t care. It is new to me and it is all manner of melodic, jangly pop rock, that the world should know about.



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