Album Review – Do Everything Or Else Yourself by The Sensitive (2021) (Dismantled / Shiny Happy Records)


One of my very favourite cassette labels, Shiny Happy Records, have been busy continuing their quest to provide the world with as much fragile, jangly indie-pop as possible.
The latest foray on this mission, is to finally release the World is Evil album by The Sensitive on a physical, tape format, after the originally intended CD (that was to be released by Dismantled) may have been scuppered by the lockdowns when it was released digitally in March 2020.
Thankfully this wrong is now righted and then some. With the simply sublime Do Everything Or Else Yourself being good enough to not only be added to the album but also to become the new title track, this act somehow manage to infuse the twee inflections of a The Yellow Melodies type sound, to both the jangliest of late 80s, anglophile indie-pop and the perfect tinny riffs of a The Groove Farm aesthetic.
Embarrased at missing this album the first time around, it is testament to a great label such as Shiny Happy Records, that they continue to ensure that this sort of left field indie gets into as many jangle appreciative ears, the second time around.
Grab youself one of 50 limited edition cassettes by e-mailing:




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