Single Review – A Little Dancing by Acid House Kings (2021) (Self released)


Well what else would you expect? Fanfare? Pomp and ceremony? Marketing agencies falling over themselves to send you e-mails like a demented Bandcamp Friday, informing you of a new single?
Of course not. For Sweden’s finest exponents of twee-pop, the Acid House Kings are back with their first single in 10 years with none of the above, just a mention on their social media, a single on Spotify/Soundcloud and then let the music takeover the promo on its own merits.
For the merits are bounteous and thankfully nothing much, in fact, nothing at all, appears to have changed. Simple melodies, precise The Yellow Melodies style ‘cute laden vocals’ and hooks and arrangements, that make you want to brush off your cardigans, get a side parting, find yourself a girlfriend in a cute floral dress that is equally as good at maths as you and sway away the hours with an alcopop or two, this track reminds us of the simple pleasures we have been missing for a decade.
Whilst not committing to a new album, the overly and typically simplistic promo blurb promises at more tunes to come. I cannot wait.



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